Happy New Year

Just writing to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year,

Enjoy yourself tonight but make sure that you are careful out there.


I have been rubbish at keeping this blog updated again this year its been most hectic and I have been concentrating on family and finding a job. Think we are all looking forward to a rather quieter 2014.

There is a proverb that goes  something like ” May you live in interesting times” I for one hope that 2014 is far less interesting that 2013.


Thats all for now see you next year đŸ˜€


Happy new year

Happy new year everyone.

I sort of forgot what I was going to blog about before the new year is out.

Hopefully that wont happen again as I got a diary organizer thing for Christmas which I really did need.

Anyway on to my new years resolution. This year I hope to at the very least learn to begin to drive and best have passed my test. I really have grown weary of the damn public transport around here.

Tell me whats your?