Playstation Vidzone

Some off you I’m sure will be aware that on Thursday sony release a new piece of software for the sony playstation 3 on the playstation store.

Vidzone is a free download of 23 mb in size and allows you to access more that 20’000 music videos from many of the big labels.


I downloaded and installed it on Thursday and I have been using it since. It is great, the videos although no HD yet they are good quality beating you-tube and other online sites I have seen. the adverts which support the service are noticeable but don’t really get in the way. You are able to create playlists and there are all sorts of premade playlists currently things like songs from the 80’s  metallic, summer songs, and some exclusive kasabean stuff as well as a recently added tribute to Michael Jackson.

If you own a playstation its well worth installing especially if you also have a psp as well because you can use remote play and access it anywhere there is a wireless internet connection.

There are some downsides videos arnt HD the user interface is a little unresponsive sometimes and doing certain things pauses the video playback while it thinks. Perhaps the biggest issue at the moment is that its only available in 7 countries in the Pal region and not at all in the Americas or Asia.

The creators of the software have said that they are planning to expand this as quickly as possible but advertising issues is slowing it down. Many of the problems that have been mentioned specifically HD video are being looked into and we im sure can be expecting not only regular music updates but also software and feature improvements.

I expect vidzone to be a big hit assuming that they do continue to develop and don’t allow themselves to drop the ball the sooner that they can get to other countries the better.

I think its a pretty exciting feature and cant wait to see what they do with it.