Febuary a New DOOOR(n)

February has been another busy month, To start we had a new front door fitted. Its double glazed and makes such a difference to the temperature in the hall its amazing. We have also had some builders around that have done some plastering of what we hope to be old damp spots.

I have also been decorating around the in-laws house and fighting a nasty cold. This week of course the kids have been off of school for half term and have the rest of the week to try to keep them entertained.

I still have managed to get some videos out on my YouTube channel and a stream on Twitch part of which I already have put up on YouTube and you will find linked below.

Sadly it would seem that I have lost a couple of my subscribers 😦 But i’m hoping that I’ll soon have much more content up for anyone that actually does enjoy my videos.

I at least enjoy making them 😀

Anyway linked below are some of the more recent videos that i have uploaded this month

Wasteland initiation CLICK

Prison Architect alpha 29 CLICK

Another Part from my prison architect Playthrough will go up tonight.

Let’s Play Hearthstone. My First Ranked Game

I have finally managed to complete all of the practice games and unlock as many cards as I can for Jaina Proudmoore so now its time to hit the ranked game

The video linked below is my first ranked match.

Lets see how I get on.

Click Here

You can Subscribe by clicking this link Here

Multiwinia My first play Through

Multiwinia My first play Through

Part One

Introversion the last of the bedroom programmers creators of such greats as uplink defcon and darwinia have just released there latest game Multiwinia.

Its basically multiplayer darwinia however that’s a little like saying coco is the same as chocolate.

The video’s that I have made show’s my first attempt at the domination mode after having played throught the tutorials.

Domination is just one of the six game modes available and the idea is to capture all the spawn points however the player with the most after in this case 10 minutes wins. For this first game i played against the ai I havent even got as far as playing against real human beings yet.

The video is in two parts I hope you enjoy.

Part Two

Robo Hunter!

As an owner of the halflife games and of the brilliant Garry’s mod the sandbox mod that uses Valves source engine brilliantly, I like to keep an eye on Garry’s blog for up and coming tidbits of information as to whats to be expected in the next updates.

Garry also uses the blog for many other bits and pieces of randomness and who doesn’t like random things.

Anyway to the point of this post. Anyone that has played the last couple of episodes in the halflife series will know the hunters and if you haven’t yet played it I suggest you do ASAP [yes I’m looking at you Jim ¬_¬]

As both Garry and Pcgamer mention the robot in the YouTube video below bares some worrying similarity’s

The robot is amazing the way it walks is so natural it’s actually rather worrying or at least it spooks me a little.

Doesn’t look like it will be long till Hunter could be a reality :O