Lets Play Christmas Shopper Simulator

Its been a while since I made a post here. What can I say life has once again a bit of a nightmare. Fortunately everyone is OK but we really could do with some calmer months ahead.

Anyway today I present you with too new videos from a game released by the video game retailer GAME.

Init you play a Christmas shopper that receives a list of tasks from a payphone and you have to fight through the crowds and Christmas decorations to get what you need in the time limit.

Or you kick balls and presents into people’s faces.

There is actually a lot to do and you have a list of achievement’s that you can complete or you can just trash the place and be a general menace.

Here are to video’s I threw together.



Audio Surfing Part Deux

Well i have some good news.


My favourite independant game of the last while Audiosurf is to be released on steam friday at the very cheap price off $9.95

Its available to preorder now with the usual 10% off which makes it only $8.95 till feb 15th. Which with tax makes the game cost around £10 £5 which is an absolute steal in its self.

However for that £10 £5 not only do you get the great game also included is the orange box sound track including the song Still Alive.

And there i was thinking that the orange box deal was going to be hard to beat.

Audiosurf is also going to be the first game to use the recently announced Steamworks package so it will be intresting to see what that really is all about

Click here to Buy the game form the steam store.


Oh and the vid once more




The demo should be available on Friday. I Intend to update this post with a link when it is made available. If I am not to busy playing that is.

Oh and Pcgamer uk has held an interview with Dylan Fitterer the devloper behind the game which you can read here


Update: I got a little confused with the currency conversion In reality the game is even more of a bargain than i had said as it costs us here in the uk around £5 doh!



 Its out!! The demo can be found in the usual place for steam games


Click Here