Unity And learning game development

I have had an interest in game development for years now often dabbling in to mod making or producing a few maps for games like command and conquer and unreal tournament. I have never really tried anything much more complicated as I have very very limited knowledge of coding. And the things that I have made I have never really felt as either complete enough or good enough to release and as you may be able to tell with how often I update this blog, I do have an issue keeping focused on just one thing at a time.

I have tried several different ideas for games and I have tried several different game engines. My most successful attempt was with YOYOgames Gamemaker Inspired somewhat by games such as Gunpoint. I managed to follow the tutorials and ended up with a end product that worked and that I was happy with. I have also tired to use unity several times and tired some of their own project tutorials and guilds but I have always ended up bouncing off it because I haven’t found the tutorials engaging enough. I keep coming back to unity because I like its flexibility in terms of the kind of games that can be produced and the sheer amount of platforms that unity supports with out to much fussing around.

I was browsing steam and came across a tutorial program for unity that was just happened to be under £2 so I  bought it. I normally rely on free tutorials because paid ones are normally very very expensive But I figured that at £2, if they were no good it would only be a small amount of money wasted. Fortunately they seem pretty good and you also get a few resources as well and although I am now only two and a half video’s in, I am enjoying it and the person that is talking you though it is not treating you like an idiot but also not expecting you to automatically know stuff. And the great thing is that because they are in video form you can see and hear what is going on and if you need to you can pause and go over things as many times as you need to.

The tutorial is called GTGD which stands for Gamer to Game Developer S1 and can be found on steam HERE 

The version of unity used in the tutorial is a bit old (version 3.4) and the teacher is using windows XP but its not really a problem and apparently if you want to use the new version of unity (version 4.0) instead S2 of GTGD tells you what changes are required between the versions.

I am looking forward to continuing on and seeing what I end up with. I already have an .exe of the prototype that he guides you to build and I’ll upload it here. Its by no means anything special at this point in the tutorial but you cant help getting that feeling of accomplishment when it works.

I am going to try and post with prehaps a prototype after every stage maybe that will also help me keep focused 😛



WASD = Movement


Space = Jump

CTRL = Crouch

The Death Of Google Reader And Finding A Replacment.

As you may have heard by now, Google has announced that as of 1st July they will be closing its RSS feed service Google Reader. I have been using it for a number of years now alongside Google’s listen app on my android  phone to keep track off my podcast subscriptions. It was the easiest way I had found to subscribe and listen to podcast rather than using iTunes and the various hacks that get that working on non apple devices. Anyway I am now like many others in the search of a new RSS reader and a new app to sort out Podcasts all preferably for free. So I’m going to look at suggestions and list them here for future reference and in the hope that it will assist others in their search. RSS Reader

  • Feedly – Currently relying on google reader but apparently have a plan in place to switch to their own RSS service.
  • Flipboard – A nice reader
  • Newsblur– The most Google reader like replacement.

Conclusion Podcast Apps (Android)

  • Double Twist —– This is an iTunes replacement it was pretty good when I used it last.
  • Stitcher Radio —–  Requires login. Can use Facebook details. Nice interface and nice to use. Also Web based No import feature?
  • BeyondPod — A paid for a “lite” version although you get 7 days worth of the full version for free. Nice interface. Allows import from google reader
  • Podkicker —-  Theres a free and a paid for version of this podcast. Currently missing the import from reader on the free version.

Conclusion  for now I’m using BeyondPod it allowed me to import my podcasts from reader pretty easily. Depending on what happens in 7 days when the full version reverts to the “lite” version I’ll probably continue to use it. I would have loved to use Stitcher radio I really like the interface of the app but without an option to import feeds or import directly from reader it is a bit too much work than I’m willing to put in. (If it did have this option it would be my app of choice. I’m kind of hoping i just missed it in the options) Other

  • Google Takeout  —- This allows you to export your google reader data to various xml files for easier transition

I will update this post as I find new replacements of course if you know of one or use one regularly that’s not mentioned or have views on something I have mentioned please leave a message in the comments or contact me on twitter @CTyxxxx


A few weeks on and I think its due time that I told you what I got on with. I really liked BeyondPod but after the free trial was up and I discovered the price of the fully unlocked version I decided that £4 was a bit too much especially for someone who was looking for a free alternative.

I decided to search for another app that would fit the bill and hopefully be free and I finally stumbled upon one called PodcastAddict.  This pretty much did what BeyondPod did although not as smoothly or pretty but does what I needed and  the best thing is that its free.

Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition

Its that time of year again a little earlier than normal but the release of the new version of Ad-Aware is upon us.


This time called Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition in celebration of lavasofts 10 years fighting crime err I mean adware, It has a new look as you can see in the screenshot it still will be available in its three flavours of free plus and pro each with new features and and an even faster scanning engine.

The full comparison chart is below.

Ad-Aware Comparison Chart 1

Ad-Aware Comparison Chart 2

I and many others have been beta testing this version and its easily the best version released in the last view years it is faster and uses far less resources not only that but all versions now include automatic updates pinpoint scanning [being able to click a file and scaning it] and real time protection against malicious processes with a basic level of Ad-Watch live.


I really recommend this it is certainly the best version in the last couple of years and defiantly the best value for more infomation and to download Ad-Aware Anniversary Edtion Click Here


Press release from lavasoft HQ

New Ad-Aware Version Marks 10-Year Anniversary

Gothenburg, Sweden (January 20, 2009) Well-known anti-spyware pioneer Lavasoft today announced the global release of Ad-Aware – Anniversary Edition, the latest version of their flagship product that celebrates 10 years at the forefront of malware detection and removal.

“We were the first on the global market with anti-spyware protection when it was still largely unknown. And now with a decade behind us as a leader in the anti-malware industry, we know that today’s computer users need advanced technology that comes in the form of a light, easy-to-use product,” said Lavasoft CEO Jason King.

King continued, “We have focused our efforts for this new version on our core competence for online security – blocking, detection, removal, and clean-up – and we have poured our technological advances in these core areas instead of simply adding more bells and whistles that generally add to the strain on a user’s computer.”

The repair and clean-up of files after a malware infection is one of the main competitive advantages for Ad-Aware. Most companies today are good at finding and removing malware, but there is a final step of repairing and cleaning-up the aftermath of a computer infection that distinguishes Ad-Aware from other products on the market.

What’s new:

· Radically reduced computer resource use:  Only 18% of CPU during scans – Improved 60% over the previous version, and markedly better than top competitors including AVG, Kaspersky, Norton 360, and PC Tools

· Rapid scans hitting 36 MB per second: Top scanning speed over AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, and PC Tools

· Behavior-based heuristics methodology to pinpoint the newest forms of malware

· Overhauled real-time blocking with the newly integrated Ad-Watch Live!

· Lavasoft SmartSet: Default settings based on our expert recommendations mean you are ‘good to go’ immediately after installation

· Lavasoft Toolbox: includes AutoStart Manager, ThreatWork, Process Watch and Hosts File Editor

· Real-time blocking and rootkit protection now also included with the Free version

· Available in English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, Traditional Chinese (new), Simplified Chinese (new), and Japanese (new).

· Coming Soon: Anti-Virus in the Free version!

The price of Ad-Aware remains unchanged at $26.95 for the Plus version and $39.95 for the Pro version.  Deep discounts are available for multi-user licenses, and technical support is free. Lavasoft continues to distribute a Free version as a no-strings-attached option to ensure that all computer users are able to protect their privacy when connecting to the Internet. For a full performance report and competitive comparison, see http://www.lavasoft.com/company/pdf/ad-aware_ae_performance.pdf

All valid licenses for Ad-Aware receive a free update to the new version.

About Lavasoft

Founded in 1999, Lavasoft is “the original anti-spyware company”, with over 350 million downloads worldwide for the flagship Ad-Aware product. A private company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lavasoft provides innovative security solutions for consumer and business channels, including anti-spyware, anti-virus, registry optimization, firewall, digital shredding, and encryption.

Microsoft Songsmith Commercial

Microsoft Songsmith Commercial

Need I say more?

Well I will anyway..

I wonder if they realised how cheesy it is. One thing for certain as a commercial it is certainly working People are talking about it and sharing the video so i guess its microsoft 1 Internets minus several million.

Mac Iplayer

Ok this isnt the post that i had in mind and i certainly didnt expect to be posting again so soon but i thought this news was rather important.

I like many people love to use the bbc iplayer it is simply a great thing to have installed on your pc. When it first came out it was windows pc only its certainly moved on since then expanding on to the wii and recently officaly the playstation 3.

The bbc announced to day in a news item on there news webpage [link] that the iplayer is now available on both mac and linux operting systems.

The new version of the iPlayer has been written with Adobe’s AIR technology which aims to make it possible to create applications that can be downloaded to your computer, rather than just embedded in browser web pages as is possible with the widely used Flash software.

Those who want to try the new version can get a trial version from the Labs section of the iPlayer site.

A beta version of the BBC iPlayer Desktop that uses the Adobe AIR technology was made available on 18 December with a finished version likely to be released in February 2009.

I certainly will be checking out the linux version and i hope that it will be just as good as the pc one.

check out the bbc iplayer Here

If you do try out the new versions of the iplayer tell me how it goes in the comments below.

Ad-Aware 08

Its been nearly a year since my last blog post regarding the antispy/malware program Ad-Aware, which if you would like to read you can here. Ad-aware is a program that has had according to its creators lavasoft had over 350 million worldwide downloads. As of today the newest version Ad-Aware 2008 is released to the general public In its paid for and free guises.

I have been using the new versions for a little while now and it certainly is an improvement even on its previous versions. lavasoft have built upon there 2007 versions and have made improvements not only in functionality but also reliability and it also uses less system resources than it has done in the past. making it much kinder to overall system performance.

The three versions that have been released are the free version and the paid for plus and pro version’s each having there own merits. The free version is obviously the version with the least amount of features with each version above it differing and offering more and more functionality.

The pro version which is basically all the other versions rapped into a nice package with some nice added extras contains. straight from the horses mouth as it were.

What’s New in Ad-Aware 2008 Pro?
Integrated Anti-Virus Protection – Our powerful anti-spyware software now includes extended anti-virus protection.
Extended Threat Detection – Protection from more than 1.2 million virus and malware threats with the new extended anti-virus engine.
Enhanced Rootkit Removal System – Guard against hidden threats attempting to access your system with our amplified rootkit removal technology.
Substantially Reduced Use of Computer Memory – Tread lightly on your system’s resources with a significant reduction in computer memory used while in watchguard mode.
Faster, Efficient Updates – Save precious time and resources with compressed files resulting in faster product updates.
Lavasoft ThreatWork – Direct access to submit suspicious files for analysis via ThreatWork, an alliance of global anti-spyware security volunteers actively fighting online threats.
Windows Vista Compatible – 32- and 64-bit platform support

More Key Features
Ad-Watch Real-Time Monitor – Immediate detection of malware, spyware, and viruses means deceptive applications can be safely removed before they are able to cause any damage to your PC.
Advanced Code Sequence Identification (CSI) Technology – Boost your privacy protection with precise detection of embedded malware, including Trojans, worms, spyware and other forms of deceptive malware.
Process Watch Module – View an in-depth snapshot of all running processes and quickly stop known offenders.
Detailed Scan Reports – Conveniently export scan reports to XML and log files as text files.
Advanced Command Line Support– Scan and remove spyware without launching the interface window.
The Scheduler – Set automatic scans and updates to fit your personalized needs and optimize time and resources.
Ad-Watch RegShield – Improved detection of attempted registry changes, a favorite target for many forms of malware.
Ad-Watch Process– Immediately detect all recognized malicious processes to prevent them from further integration into your system.
TrackSweep – Control privacy by erasing tracks left behind while surfing the Web on multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera, with one easy click.
Hosts File Editor – Take control of your Web navigation by blocking advertisement sites, reversing browser hijack entries, assisting with parental controls, and creating navigation shortcuts.
Extensive Detection Database – Stay protected with priority updates from our extensive library of identified and analyzed threats, constantly updated to guard your privacy against cyber attacks.
Customized Scans – Save time by scanning selected areas where known spyware programs are located – RAM, registry, hard drives, external storage devices, and optical drives.
Easy to Install and Use – Effortlessly maneuver the complexities of malware

And is well worth a look.

The Free version as I previously said does include less than this but is still easily essential to anyone that want to keep there computer adware and spyware free and it does more than some things out there that you actually pay for. The free version doesn’t have the built in antivirus detection but does have a great deal of other things the key feature list is below.

What’s New in Ad-Aware 2008 Free?
Improved Threat Detection– Powerful protection against cyber threats – including a defense against spyware, Trojans, bots, and other malicious programs – with an expanded threat database.
Enhanced Rootkit Removal System – Guard against hidden threats attempting to access your system with our amplified rootkit removal technology.
Faster Updates – Save precious time and resources with compressed files resulting in quicker product updates.
Lavasoft ThreatWork – Direct access to submit suspicious files for analysis via ThreatWork, an alliance of global anti-spyware security volunteers actively fighting online threats.
Windows Vista Compatible – 32- and 64-bit platform support

The plus version comes somewhere between the two you can see a comparison chart of the differences between the 3 versions Here. I dare say that by now you are wondering what the system requirements are and to be honest they are pretty reasonable in fact any pc with a compatible operating system really should be able to use it with out too much trouble the official system requirements for all versions are as follows.

Pentium 600 MHz or faster processor –And its AMD equivalent no doubt

100 Megs of Ram

50 Megs of hard drive space

Operating Systems

Windows 2000 (Pro and Server)ƒƒ
Windows Server 2003ƒƒ
Windows XP (32- & 64-bit)ƒƒ
Windows Vista (32- & 64-bit)ƒƒ

And finally it supports the following browsers

Internet Explorer (5.5 or higher)ƒƒ
Firefox (1.5 or higher)ƒƒ
Opera (9 or higher)

You can find the official lavasoft blog post regarding its release today here
And you can download it either by following the instructions on that blog post or By getting it from my skydrive Here.
or you can download it from my favourite download site filehippo Here
Obviously I have to say I or anyone else cant be held responsible for any nastiness that may occur from dowloading and/or using the file that I provide. however there shouldn’t be a problem as its unmodified and pulled directly from lavasoft.
Please do comment I would like to know what you think about this blog post and as always any constructive criticism would be appreciated.
2/6/08 added new download link