Mobile Phone Directory – Remove Yourself

Some of you may of heard of the Mobile phone directory going live next week well here’s a way that you can remover your self and in effect make your mobile ex directory.

Removal is recommended by the BBC – see link below.

The Directory of Mobile Phone numbers goes live next week in the uk
All numbers including those belonging to children will be open to cold calling and the general abuse that less scrupulous telesales people subject us too.

To remove your number you can go here. (you need your mobile phone with you to do this, they text you a code)

You can remove your number from this list, and tell all your friends – especially those with children who have mobile phones.

Hope this helps some of you out.


Looks like they have taken it down for the moment. I will update as soon as I notice that its back.


The site is still down

Looks like its to make things work better.

I do wonder if it will actually get launched.