First Videos of the new year

It is almost the end of January which with such a long time between wages has seemed to last for ever.

I have managed to put out several videos over the last few weeks from a mixture of games, Check out my latest videos below and if you like what you see please subscribe by clicking HERE

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Theme Hospital Let’s Play Largecheater Hospital

Endwar Online Long gameplay video

Happy New Year

Just writing to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year,

Enjoy yourself tonight but make sure that you are careful out there.


I have been rubbish at keeping this blog updated again this year its been most hectic and I have been concentrating on family and finding a job. Think we are all looking forward to a rather quieter 2014.

There is a proverb that goes  something like ” May you live in interesting times” I for one hope that 2014 is far less interesting that 2013.


Thats all for now see you next year 😀


Happy New Year 2012

Happy new year I know a couple of days late but still least its only 2 days.

This is a olyimpic year looking forward to that not that I expect to get to see much because I will be working during the same period that it’s on although with things like iplayer I will be at least able to catch things that I want to even if it’s not live.

Also going to be an interesting year in formula 1, 5 world champions on the grid and with the continuation of kers and drs it would seem the possibility of even more action than there was in 2011.

Last year I made a resolution to post more than I did in 2010 and to some extent I certainly did that still not really happy with the fequency but I guess I never will be and its better for me if I post when I feel like I have something to talk about rather than forcing it after all.


So as to the new year what are my goals

Well the first is to pass my driving test.

Then I hope to continue posting on my blog with at least a post per month

And I hope that I will get a new start with something ;P


So hears to the new year lets all hope that it’s a good one.