Game Streaming: Amnesia Dark Decent

I have recently discoved the world of streaming gameplay footage.
I know it’s not something that’s particuly new its just not something I have been particuly interested in. I have been recording my gameplay footage and uploading it to YouTube for a few years now.

Just check out my YouTube channel I now have over 200 vids on it.

Anyhow I Know their are several streaming sites out there but i have chosen Not for any particular reason other than a i have seen several people on there and i was watching a xcom stream and created an account to comment.

The stream is this one

Click Here

well worth watching its pretty funny in places.

Anyway back to the title of the blog I decided to play Amnesia: Dark Decent so people could hear me scream at the scary bits
the steam is

Click Here

Be aware its in 2 parts due to the length.

I don’t think i did to badly really and i was very much enjoying it. Thanks to the couple of people who were watching and commenting and to char who was assisting via msn

I have done a couple more since amnesia and im hoping to do some more. I’m just in need of some streaming software preferably free as the one im using is only a trial version. If you have any suggestions leave me a comment.

Watch and enjoy and tell me what you think.

Oh and The link to my profile is