Unity And learning game development

I have had an interest in game development for years now often dabbling in to mod making or producing a few maps for games like command and conquer and unreal tournament. I have never really tried anything much more complicated as I have very very limited knowledge of coding. And the things that I have made I have never really felt as either complete enough or good enough to release and as you may be able to tell with how often I update this blog, I do have an issue keeping focused on just one thing at a time.

I have tried several different ideas for games and I have tried several different game engines. My most successful attempt was with YOYOgames Gamemaker Inspired somewhat by games such as Gunpoint. I managed to follow the tutorials and ended up with a end product that worked and that I was happy with. I have also tired to use unity several times and tired some of their own project tutorials and guilds but I have always ended up bouncing off it because I haven’t found the tutorials engaging enough. I keep coming back to unity because I like its flexibility in terms of the kind of games that can be produced and the sheer amount of platforms that unity supports with out to much fussing around.

I was browsing steam and came across a tutorial program for unity that was just happened to be under £2 so I  bought it. I normally rely on free tutorials because paid ones are normally very very expensive But I figured that at £2, if they were no good it would only be a small amount of money wasted. Fortunately they seem pretty good and you also get a few resources as well and although I am now only two and a half video’s in, I am enjoying it and the person that is talking you though it is not treating you like an idiot but also not expecting you to automatically know stuff. And the great thing is that because they are in video form you can see and hear what is going on and if you need to you can pause and go over things as many times as you need to.

The tutorial is called GTGD which stands for Gamer to Game Developer S1 and can be found on steam HERE 

The version of unity used in the tutorial is a bit old (version 3.4) and the teacher is using windows XP but its not really a problem and apparently if you want to use the new version of unity (version 4.0) instead S2 of GTGD tells you what changes are required between the versions.

I am looking forward to continuing on and seeing what I end up with. I already have an .exe of the prototype that he guides you to build and I’ll upload it here. Its by no means anything special at this point in the tutorial but you cant help getting that feeling of accomplishment when it works.

I am going to try and post with prehaps a prototype after every stage maybe that will also help me keep focused 😛



WASD = Movement


Space = Jump

CTRL = Crouch