The End of Games For Windows Live….. Or Prehaps Not

It had been widly reported that come the end of the 31st of june the much maligned and some would say hated games for windows live would become no more as microsoft were set to switch it off for good.

This would have left several games unplayable with out a patch not unlike the recent closure of gamespy.

However according to MCV this is not happening and microsoft themselfs saying that they are continuing to support the platform which is good for games that rely on it and didnt look like they would have had any chance of a patch.

It’s good news for the games that were in limbo and for the players that still play them.

The big question is what have Microsoft got planned for games for Windows live now? What do they have planned for the pc? Time will only tell.

International Day Of Happiness

Today is International day of happiness and so a video.

Please spread the happy ūüėÄ

LetsPlay Video’s

I have been doing Lets Play Videos for  a few years now even before they had become popular, I used to call them Play through videos and if you go back through my video uploads on my YouTube channel Link .

For some reason I have never really bothered putting them onto this blog, I’m not going to go back through the history of two hundred odd videos and posting them on here but I am going to start off with my last couple.

They are Age of the Empires 2: HD Edition Part One and Part Two which are parts of a longer stream I did on Link

I hope you enjoy and as always feel free to leave constructive feedback either on the posts or on YouTube.


SOPA & PIPA – A Day Of BlackOuts

As has been reported all over the world and internet today the english pages of wikipedia have gone black in protest of SOPA and PIPA . You can see just an  example of the coverage by following these links  BBC , SKY , CNN.

Now wikipedia is far from the only site to go black and the BBC has a slide show that shows many more and how the sites are supporting the cause, its well worth a view as once again there are some really interesting ways of showing their support. You can view it Here

Now you might be wondering what SOPA and PIPA actually are and why are people making such a big fuss about it, you may also be wondering why a law that is essentially american should affect us and the net as a whole.

SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA Is short for Protect Interlectual Property Act.

They are basically both trying to do the same kind of things which as you can see from their names is to crack down on copyright infringement and illegal sharing. The problem lies in the ambiguous way in which these acts are going about doing this and in part whether the us government can be trusted to use the legislation in the way that it is meant for, Which as has been shown in the past with various governments in many different countries is unlikely. It will also give a lot of power  to an industry that again in the past has shown itself to be unscrupulous in the way it deals with people and the people who it accuses of violating even the current laws.

Now im not going to claim that i understand everything about these to acts but fortunately people cleverer than me have gone through the acts and places like the BBC have tried to explain them.

BBC Explanation – Here

EFF – Here

CNN – Here

Wikipedia РHere

There is also this video Which is currently on the Rock Paper Shotgun Blackout page

The reason that its important that people outside of the USA also take note of these ACTS is that not only will it affect websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia  other sites that are based in the US, it will also affect funding for sites that are outside of the US and whats more where the us leads the rest of the world will follow.

You can’t think that the company’s that support these acts such as Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), News Corp and Walt Disney among many others some of which you can view in this google doc file HERE will not turn their gaze like Sauron to Europe and the rest of the world.

Google +

Recently got invited to the beta of google+ google’s answer to Facebook.

I have been using it for a few days now and I like it. It’s very strange and takes a little while to get used to but the circles feature where you can group friends and family and others together is useful if you don’t want certain people to see certain posts. Much less chance of your boss seeing you call them an idiot if you were so inclined to post something like that.Assuming you don’t have your boss in your friend circle of course.

Theres also things called sparks which is sort of like a topic rss feed and Facebook’s pages/groups.¬† It does still need some work but im sure it will become very useful. i am already following a few topics and its giving me pretty accurate and interesting results.

Also much like Facebook’s “like” functionality Google plus has +1 which is already making its way onto many websites. apparently Google have made it so that it affects the search ranking a site gets so the more +1’s a topic receives the higher the page will be in a search result.

There’s a lot for google to do if they want to compete with Facebook but its a promising start at least. and i look forward to what they come up with next.


Have you got access? What do you make of it? Whats your favourite feature? Leave a comment:P

Google Chrome: Extentions At Last

Ok I know its been a while since I last wrote a blog.  But what with Christmas and stuff I have been really busy 12 hour  shifts are horrible. Anyway enough about me and on to what this post is actually about.

Google have finally realised a version of their browser Google chrome which allows the use of extensions. Now im fully aware that extensions have been available for a while for the browser but that the feature had been set to off as default. This is the first time that it has been enabled for all and the extension system seems to be working great.

In my opinion the lack of extension support was one thing that was holding chrome back, I can now see myself using it more often as I have already dropped internet explorer completely. I had only been using it for sites that didn’t like Firefox which is becoming a very rare problem nowadays.

I’m currently running the latest beta version which is and having updated from a few builds ago and so far all seems to working as you would expect still running quick and no crashes so far. You can download it from filehippo here

You Have To Burn The Rope

Computer games are getting so hard these days…

Or at least they are according to the creator of the game You Have To Burn The Rope

Its a little flash based game which is to say easy and yet somehow very charming and addictive.

How do these games capture people’s hearts so easily?

Anyway its pretty awesome go and check it out. And after that you may want to try the text version of it which you can find Here

If you do happen to get stuck with the game you may also want to check out the complete walk throught which can be found at Rock Paper Shotgun or directly via this link