Playstation Plus Update and Playstation Slim

I have an update to my post in the works I had planned to have it done much quicker but sadly my playstation died  just after the last content push and i havent had the time to collate the data.

Now after buying a new slim im back in the saddle and ready to write-up what I have got out of it to date hopefully sometime before august ends.

Thought id share my thoughts on the Playstation slim first.

I bought the 250gb PS slim i have to say that I love the hard drive space my fat was one of the 60gig models and had gotten to the point where it just wasnt enough space anymore for all the content and games that’s available and i was finding i kept hitting the limit more and more often this is prehaps the only thing i do like about the new slim model.

The 60gig just looks and feels better. The system itself is still great no problems there and it is quieter  but the finish just isn’t the same. There are real buttons where as before they were touch which was really nice. The disc feed also seems more violent and is certainly noisier the matt finish just feels cheaper and of course you have half the usb ports down from 4 to 2 and no card reader. To be honest didn’t really use the card slot so im not so bothered by that but it was nice to have the option.

I’m still more than happy that i chose PlayStation over Xbox I cant wait for whats instore over the next couple of months Gamers have a real treat what ever platform your on its gonna be a good christmas.

Robo Hunter!

As an owner of the halflife games and of the brilliant Garry’s mod the sandbox mod that uses Valves source engine brilliantly, I like to keep an eye on Garry’s blog for up and coming tidbits of information as to whats to be expected in the next updates.

Garry also uses the blog for many other bits and pieces of randomness and who doesn’t like random things.

Anyway to the point of this post. Anyone that has played the last couple of episodes in the halflife series will know the hunters and if you haven’t yet played it I suggest you do ASAP [yes I’m looking at you Jim ¬_¬]

As both Garry and Pcgamer mention the robot in the YouTube video below bares some worrying similarity’s

The robot is amazing the way it walks is so natural it’s actually rather worrying or at least it spooks me a little.

Doesn’t look like it will be long till Hunter could be a reality :O