PlayStation Plus September Opinon

The games for Septembers PlayStation Plus are

Lords of the Fallen



Is a great game and well worth a play however by now I would have though anyone that doesn’t have it just doesn’t want to play it. So as a PS+ game is a bit of a waste.

Lords of the Fallen

I don’t know anything about this game so in that way I’m interested in seeing the video’s I have just seen make it look a little like god of war so it may be interesting at the very least.


I’m still holding out that Sony have something planned for PlayStation plus in relation to their Conference on the 7th of September.


Time will tell but as of now not a great month for PS+

Robo Hunter!

As an owner of the halflife games and of the brilliant Garry’s mod the sandbox mod that uses Valves source engine brilliantly, I like to keep an eye on Garry’s blog for up and coming tidbits of information as to whats to be expected in the next updates.

Garry also uses the blog for many other bits and pieces of randomness and who doesn’t like random things.

Anyway to the point of this post. Anyone that has played the last couple of episodes in the halflife series will know the hunters and if you haven’t yet played it I suggest you do ASAP [yes I’m looking at you Jim ¬_¬]

As both Garry and Pcgamer mention the robot in the YouTube video below bares some worrying similarity’s

The robot is amazing the way it walks is so natural it’s actually rather worrying or at least it spooks me a little.

Doesn’t look like it will be long till Hunter could be a reality :O