Combat Testing

Now some of you may or may not know that I am a member of a beta testing group called Combat Testing We are currently looking for Xbox 360 owners

Combat Testing, a division of Combat Studios LLC. is currently looking for you, the hard-core Xbox player, to help test and improve some upcoming Xbox 360 titles. If your interested in playing and working on the latest, before any public release, games and software titles please consider joining Combat Testing. We have some exciting new products coming soon. If you do not already know, we in the past, have been involved with such titles as BF2, BF2142, BF1943, BF|BC2 and are currently testing MoH for the Xbox 360. So if you would like to participate, AND are at least 18 years old (Required for NDA) please click here and submit an application. Combat Testing

We are currently testing MoH for the Xbox 360 If you are 18 or over and would like to sign up please visit the site by clicking the link Here

Multiwinia My first play Through

Multiwinia My first play Through

Part One

Introversion the last of the bedroom programmers creators of such greats as uplink defcon and darwinia have just released there latest game Multiwinia.

Its basically multiplayer darwinia however that’s a little like saying coco is the same as chocolate.

The video’s that I have made show’s my first attempt at the domination mode after having played throught the tutorials.

Domination is just one of the six game modes available and the idea is to capture all the spawn points however the player with the most after in this case 10 minutes wins. For this first game i played against the ai I havent even got as far as playing against real human beings yet.

The video is in two parts I hope you enjoy.

Part Two

Grand Theft Auto IV

Ah yes its that time again Grand Theft Auto perhaps one of the most controversial gaming series as of this Tuesday has been released to the general populace I got my copy [and thats why this hasn’t been done earlier] and i have to say it is sublime.

I am no where near the only person that thinks so either Metacritic which takes the review score of many many reviews and gives an average has at time of writing the Playstation 3 version with the max 100 out of 100 from 19 reviews [Here] and the Xbox 360 at 99 out of 100 from 31 reviews [Here].

The story so far has been very interesting don’t worry I’m not going to give any spoilers. It looks amazing even if you like me are stuck with a standard def TV, and even with the upgraded graphics it still looks like GTA. I have played now for around 8 hours and have still not made it off the first island there is so much to do and see even on the first island. I spent around 40 mins just watching the in game tv in my apartment and that was only one channel. There as always is a wide selection of radio stations and anyone should be able to find something that they like. If you have an xbox or ps3 and don’t have this game and of course are over 18 you need it now!

As I said before the GTA Series has come a long long way in six years. Who would have thought that they would be where they are today, I came across an old BBC video from 1996 that the BBC have put on there website. Its of what was to become Rockstar North working on there very first GTA game. Its pretty Interesting and does go to show how far they really have come.

Take a look at the link below

Bet they never imagined that there little project would become the mammoth it is now.

See ya in the city!