As I’m sure some of you are aware the uk has been it by rather a lot of snow. Well a lot for the uk anyway. Apparently its the coldest winter in 18 years.  I was only young 18 years ago and some would say I still am being only 23, but I can remember tramping off to school with my mum, the snow up to my knees and making it there only to find it closed.

I have no idea what was happening in the rest of the country at the time I guess that being a kid I was more concerned about building snowmen and not having to be at school.

This time around thought I can see all the fuss that is being made of the snow although that doesn’t mean I’m not still concerned about making snowmen because I am. As I write the snow is falling outside and we are running out of milk, the road is covered and I haven’t seen a car go down the street for at least an hour now. Saying that however the fuss everyone seems to be making rather amuses me.

The grit is running out and it seems that everyone is panicking about this. People seem to think its some sort of magic dust that destroys the evil  snow when really in this sort of weather it has really very little effect especially when snow is falling. for it to be most effective it needs traffic to mix it in which isn’t forthcoming as only the main roads are being done and no one can leave the towns and estates and with snow falling  it is its a rather a pointless effort.

I was supposed to be working yesterday but there was no way that I could safely get there and back again the buses that I rely on  did begin to run towards the afternoon but there was no way that I could guarantee that I would be able to get home especially with cold temperature and more snow on the way. and I really don’t want to be forced to have to stay the night at work.

Normally I would go out and take some photos but stupidly I have put my camera away while my room is decorated i may go out with my mobile later and see what i can grab so keep an eye on my flickr account which you can find HERE

Think I may update this particular blog throughout the day as I think of things to write so stay tuned


Well I didnt think of anything else to say althought the days isnt yet over but i did manage to get some photos using my mobile phone. They are on my flickr page take a look

Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition

Its that time of year again a little earlier than normal but the release of the new version of Ad-Aware is upon us.


This time called Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition in celebration of lavasofts 10 years fighting crime err I mean adware, It has a new look as you can see in the screenshot it still will be available in its three flavours of free plus and pro each with new features and and an even faster scanning engine.

The full comparison chart is below.

Ad-Aware Comparison Chart 1

Ad-Aware Comparison Chart 2

I and many others have been beta testing this version and its easily the best version released in the last view years it is faster and uses far less resources not only that but all versions now include automatic updates pinpoint scanning [being able to click a file and scaning it] and real time protection against malicious processes with a basic level of Ad-Watch live.


I really recommend this it is certainly the best version in the last couple of years and defiantly the best value for more infomation and to download Ad-Aware Anniversary Edtion Click Here


Press release from lavasoft HQ

New Ad-Aware Version Marks 10-Year Anniversary

Gothenburg, Sweden (January 20, 2009) Well-known anti-spyware pioneer Lavasoft today announced the global release of Ad-Aware – Anniversary Edition, the latest version of their flagship product that celebrates 10 years at the forefront of malware detection and removal.

“We were the first on the global market with anti-spyware protection when it was still largely unknown. And now with a decade behind us as a leader in the anti-malware industry, we know that today’s computer users need advanced technology that comes in the form of a light, easy-to-use product,” said Lavasoft CEO Jason King.

King continued, “We have focused our efforts for this new version on our core competence for online security – blocking, detection, removal, and clean-up – and we have poured our technological advances in these core areas instead of simply adding more bells and whistles that generally add to the strain on a user’s computer.”

The repair and clean-up of files after a malware infection is one of the main competitive advantages for Ad-Aware. Most companies today are good at finding and removing malware, but there is a final step of repairing and cleaning-up the aftermath of a computer infection that distinguishes Ad-Aware from other products on the market.

What’s new:

· Radically reduced computer resource use:  Only 18% of CPU during scans – Improved 60% over the previous version, and markedly better than top competitors including AVG, Kaspersky, Norton 360, and PC Tools

· Rapid scans hitting 36 MB per second: Top scanning speed over AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, and PC Tools

· Behavior-based heuristics methodology to pinpoint the newest forms of malware

· Overhauled real-time blocking with the newly integrated Ad-Watch Live!

· Lavasoft SmartSet: Default settings based on our expert recommendations mean you are ‘good to go’ immediately after installation

· Lavasoft Toolbox: includes AutoStart Manager, ThreatWork, Process Watch and Hosts File Editor

· Real-time blocking and rootkit protection now also included with the Free version

· Available in English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, Traditional Chinese (new), Simplified Chinese (new), and Japanese (new).

· Coming Soon: Anti-Virus in the Free version!

The price of Ad-Aware remains unchanged at $26.95 for the Plus version and $39.95 for the Pro version.  Deep discounts are available for multi-user licenses, and technical support is free. Lavasoft continues to distribute a Free version as a no-strings-attached option to ensure that all computer users are able to protect their privacy when connecting to the Internet. For a full performance report and competitive comparison, see

All valid licenses for Ad-Aware receive a free update to the new version.

About Lavasoft

Founded in 1999, Lavasoft is “the original anti-spyware company”, with over 350 million downloads worldwide for the flagship Ad-Aware product. A private company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lavasoft provides innovative security solutions for consumer and business channels, including anti-spyware, anti-virus, registry optimization, firewall, digital shredding, and encryption.