Playstation Vidzone

Some off you I’m sure will be aware that on Thursday sony release a new piece of software for the sony playstation 3 on the playstation store.

Vidzone is a free download of 23 mb in size and allows you to access more that 20’000 music videos from many of the big labels.


I downloaded and installed it on Thursday and I have been using it since. It is great, the videos although no HD yet they are good quality beating you-tube and other online sites I have seen. the adverts which support the service are noticeable but don’t really get in the way. You are able to create playlists and there are all sorts of premade playlists currently things like songs from the 80’s  metallic, summer songs, and some exclusive kasabean stuff as well as a recently added tribute to Michael Jackson.

If you own a playstation its well worth installing especially if you also have a psp as well because you can use remote play and access it anywhere there is a wireless internet connection.

There are some downsides videos arnt HD the user interface is a little unresponsive sometimes and doing certain things pauses the video playback while it thinks. Perhaps the biggest issue at the moment is that its only available in 7 countries in the Pal region and not at all in the Americas or Asia.

The creators of the software have said that they are planning to expand this as quickly as possible but advertising issues is slowing it down. Many of the problems that have been mentioned specifically HD video are being looked into and we im sure can be expecting not only regular music updates but also software and feature improvements.

I expect vidzone to be a big hit assuming that they do continue to develop and don’t allow themselves to drop the ball the sooner that they can get to other countries the better.

I think its a pretty exciting feature and cant wait to see what they do with it.

Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition

Its that time of year again a little earlier than normal but the release of the new version of Ad-Aware is upon us.


This time called Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition in celebration of lavasofts 10 years fighting crime err I mean adware, It has a new look as you can see in the screenshot it still will be available in its three flavours of free plus and pro each with new features and and an even faster scanning engine.

The full comparison chart is below.

Ad-Aware Comparison Chart 1

Ad-Aware Comparison Chart 2

I and many others have been beta testing this version and its easily the best version released in the last view years it is faster and uses far less resources not only that but all versions now include automatic updates pinpoint scanning [being able to click a file and scaning it] and real time protection against malicious processes with a basic level of Ad-Watch live.


I really recommend this it is certainly the best version in the last couple of years and defiantly the best value for more infomation and to download Ad-Aware Anniversary Edtion Click Here


Press release from lavasoft HQ

New Ad-Aware Version Marks 10-Year Anniversary

Gothenburg, Sweden (January 20, 2009) Well-known anti-spyware pioneer Lavasoft today announced the global release of Ad-Aware – Anniversary Edition, the latest version of their flagship product that celebrates 10 years at the forefront of malware detection and removal.

“We were the first on the global market with anti-spyware protection when it was still largely unknown. And now with a decade behind us as a leader in the anti-malware industry, we know that today’s computer users need advanced technology that comes in the form of a light, easy-to-use product,” said Lavasoft CEO Jason King.

King continued, “We have focused our efforts for this new version on our core competence for online security – blocking, detection, removal, and clean-up – and we have poured our technological advances in these core areas instead of simply adding more bells and whistles that generally add to the strain on a user’s computer.”

The repair and clean-up of files after a malware infection is one of the main competitive advantages for Ad-Aware. Most companies today are good at finding and removing malware, but there is a final step of repairing and cleaning-up the aftermath of a computer infection that distinguishes Ad-Aware from other products on the market.

What’s new:

· Radically reduced computer resource use:  Only 18% of CPU during scans – Improved 60% over the previous version, and markedly better than top competitors including AVG, Kaspersky, Norton 360, and PC Tools

· Rapid scans hitting 36 MB per second: Top scanning speed over AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, and PC Tools

· Behavior-based heuristics methodology to pinpoint the newest forms of malware

· Overhauled real-time blocking with the newly integrated Ad-Watch Live!

· Lavasoft SmartSet: Default settings based on our expert recommendations mean you are ‘good to go’ immediately after installation

· Lavasoft Toolbox: includes AutoStart Manager, ThreatWork, Process Watch and Hosts File Editor

· Real-time blocking and rootkit protection now also included with the Free version

· Available in English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, Traditional Chinese (new), Simplified Chinese (new), and Japanese (new).

· Coming Soon: Anti-Virus in the Free version!

The price of Ad-Aware remains unchanged at $26.95 for the Plus version and $39.95 for the Pro version.  Deep discounts are available for multi-user licenses, and technical support is free. Lavasoft continues to distribute a Free version as a no-strings-attached option to ensure that all computer users are able to protect their privacy when connecting to the Internet. For a full performance report and competitive comparison, see

All valid licenses for Ad-Aware receive a free update to the new version.

About Lavasoft

Founded in 1999, Lavasoft is “the original anti-spyware company”, with over 350 million downloads worldwide for the flagship Ad-Aware product. A private company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lavasoft provides innovative security solutions for consumer and business channels, including anti-spyware, anti-virus, registry optimization, firewall, digital shredding, and encryption.

Into the Vista

Recently I bought myself a new laptop.

Acer Aspire 5930G

2.0ghz processor

3 gigs ddr2 ram

250gb HDD

Nvidia 9600m GT 512 MB

Acer Aspire 5930g

Acer Aspire 5930G

Now this is the first time that I have really used vista properly, I did try out the release candidates just before the official release but they didn’t really work. My PC ran it fine I just could not have any sound due to an incompatibility with the on board sound card so I really didn’t use it much at all.

After the official release there were all these horror story about the installation and how it ran and basically bad storys about every aspect of the new vista operating system.

I knew already that vista had improved a lot since then due to my short stint in a TV and Audio department during the busy Christmas period last year, But it was still with great trepidation that I booted up my new laptop. I was as ready for the impending doom of installing an operating system as I have gone thought the not so pleasant reinstalling of XP far too many time’s in the past and that really is a pain [In fact I’m doing reinstalling XP on my old laptop as I type] .

Vista however in comparison however was a piece of cake and so quick, just a few clicks later and a little waiting and my new laptop was up and running and connected to the net ready for me to grab all the software that is now essential for a happy computing experience so first stop Microsoft updates. Thankfully the copy of vista that came with the laptop already had all the service pack one updates installed so I only had to grab the most recent updates. While that was going on I strolled over to and got myself a proper web browser.

I have now had my new laptop for about two weeks and I really like it and you know what I actually really like vista too. It was easy to set up everything that I want to and do so far it has done so without complaint. I haven’t even had it crash or bluescreen on me once and hopeful by saying that I wont have cursed myself. Everything is running how I like it and running fast. The user interface perhaps one of the biggest differences at least on the face of things is great its smooth and it just seems to flow. It does take sometime to get used to and Im still finding my feet but all the things that you need most of the time are easy to find. And things that most people don’t need or want to know about are hidden away [that does cause me problems mind :P].

Anyway time to stop this seemingly endless waffle if you as I was concerned about windows vista don’t be certinly on a new machine it looks like most of the problems that haunted vista’s launch have been sorted and it is just so much nicer to install and look at than xp.  Roll on Windows 7

Ironman Good?

Well as a matter of fact yes it is.

Now I’m not going have any spoilers or anything of the sort I hate when people do that and i do try to be as unhypocritcal [Why isn’t that a word? Any idea of a word that means the same that would be better to use? Comment below] as i possibly can be.

I have to say that when I went to the cinema yesterday I really wasn’t really expecting much more than a normally poor action hero movie.  I have never been a fan of comics so knew nothing of the story or anything about the character’s and to be honest films that have been made from comics or anything really other than specifically for film tend to generally be rather poor. Of course like every rule there are exceptions that prove the rule but I’m not going to list those here.

Anyway back to Ironman; In terms of story its pretty much what you would expect form an action hero film and if it had been anything other than that it probably wouldn’t work. I don’t see this film being a favourite of too many film critics as they always seem to be want to be stretched on some sort of mental level [There’s a better way to put that but my brain is failing me at the moment] where as most normal paying members of the public go to be entertained, which this film does really well. Its got a fair bit of action which is spread pretty evenly throughout the film so you never really too far from the next explosion, the the CGI and all the graphical work looks really good and in no way looks out of place the whole film actually looks really nice. The writing and the acting is in my opinion pretty spot on I think that the film was well cast and each of the actors and actresses really fit there set roles well the script is laugh out loud funny at times and keeps a good sense of humour throughout and it never seems to be forced the comedy moments seem really natural and never glare. The film also used the cinemas sound system really well leading to me on more than one occasion to look behind me as some bullet or piece of shrapnel whizzes past or clangs into something behind you.

So after going into the cinema not expecting much from the film I came out having rather enjoyed it. Having said this the only negative thing is that it did seem on occasion to drag although that may just have been me as after mentioning this feeling to my friend who I watched the film with I was told that it hadn’t. I was rather desperate for the loo by the end thought its on the long side for a film and having a cappachino beforehand may not have been the best idea ever.

So would i go to see it again?

Do you know what yes I think I would.

Would i suggest that others go to see it?

I would yes It is a good film. I have no idea what fans of the comics will make of it [To say I have no idea is a little untrue as for the most part they are bound to hate it if past comic to film adaptions are anything to go by] but for those that are not fans of the comics and like to be entertained by a film I see no reason why they wouldn’t enjoy watching it.