Boom25 Shop till you Drop

You may have heard of sites in the UK like Quidco and Topcashback.

The idea with these sites is that you earn a certain percentage back on purchases if you go to a retailer via the service.
The site then earns commision and then pays you a percentage of your order often from as little as 1% to much higher depending on the particular deal.

A new player to the market is a little different.

With Boom25 you still go via the site to make purchases but rather than earning a percentage back you get the chance to “spin” to earn the whole amount back. If you don’t happen to win on a particular spin you instead earn a Bonus amount which can mount up and be withdrawn when you do finally win.


Just a small example of Retailers available


Some people have won the total of there holidays back where the norm is a more modest amount of return.

Either way, we have been using the site for a while now and despite not having any huge wins the small ones here and there have meant that we have earnt far more back in a shorter period of time than we ever did with the other sites.


Each tracked and Verified purchase is a potential winner

You can sign up for free and try it out here
at the moment its only available in the UK.

Boom for the spin


Just a work of affiliate links any links I use may provide me with a little monetary return should you click on them.

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