Its been a while since I last posted here. No particular reason just a case of being busy with life and to some extent using other platforms.

Recently been working on my YouTube Channel and am very close to 200 subscribers which is an achievement I think.

Been doing a lot of F1 2016 videos and am really excited for the new season which is underway now and of course the first race of the season being on Sunday.

Not only have I been working on YouTube but also discovered Beam.pro Mixer which is a contender to Twitch.tv

Its smaller in terms of people that use it but the community seems much tighter and it has a lot of features which make it an interesting competitor.

I’m working on getting a headset or something so that in the future I can do some video’s that actually have good quality voice but we will see how that goes.

For now follow me on

Twitter @CTyxxxx

Player.me yxxxx

Facebook Letsplaywithy4x

Beam.pro yxxxx    Mixer 

YouTube yxxxxgaming

Update 18/01/2019

Updated Beam references to Mixer

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