How to Remove Mouse Lag from Elan Touch Pad on a laptop

One of the most annoying things about gaming on a laptop is the touchpad. Now there is no reason why the touch pad should not be as serviceable as the good old mouse, It might take a little practise but it should work just as well as a standard mouse. However if you have ever tried to aim immediately after using the keyboard in most cases you’ll probably have noticed that you can’t for a few seconds or that there seems to be interference.

What you would have just experienced is Palm Protection (Different company’s call it different things but it all amounts to the same thing). What Palm Protection is designed to do is to protect users from accidently activating the touch pad while typing on the keyboard. The Idea being that if you’re typing an email or for instance a article you’re not having your cursor move around the screen and end up accidently typing away in a sentence you finished ages ago.

For gaming however this is a bit of a nightmare as it can mean that for a few moments you are unable to look or aim which in some games isn’t an issue but in fast paced games such as a fps could mean the difference to life or death.

Now you would think it would be pretty easy to disable this and indeed for some manufactures its just a option in the driver settings for the touchpad. However for others even switching it off in the settings doesn’t actually switch it off.


And that’s where this post comes into it.

I have an Elan Touch Pad with the latest drivers installed and even having switched off the palm tracking and looking for any options in the installed software that might be related I still have that annoying “lag”.

To get rid of the delay completely you must delete some items in the computers registry. Now please bear in mind that messing with the registry (Reg) can break stuff and lead to a complete reinstall being needed and subsequent data loss. So please be careful and know you’re following this guide at your own risk.



 How To Disable Mouse Lag

1. Back up your stuff Just in case

2. Open Reg Edit




3. Edit > Find Next In the dialogue box enter   “DisableWhenType_Enable”



4. One by one Delete the entry’s that start with “DisableWhenType_” about 12 of them



5. You may need to restart for it to take affect.



All being well when you load up a game you should now be able to move aim and shoot all at the same time.

Oh one last thing you may find that after an update especially a larger feature update in windows 10 that the drivers get reinstalled and the changes you have made will be overwritten. In that case the problem will reoccur but following this guide again should solve the issue.

I have used this method to fix this issue in windows 10 and windows 7 without any issue but as said above any changes made to the Reg can cause issues.

If this was helpful please leave me a Comment and why not check out my YouTube channel


3 thoughts on “How to Remove Mouse Lag from Elan Touch Pad on a laptop

    • Glad it helped. It’s an annoying issue and one that should have an easier fix.

      you may need to do it again when Windows 10 has an update or a new elan mouse driver is installed. its a pain but doesn’t take too long fortunately.

  1. Funny story related to your post. So I gave it a go since I’ve tried almost every possible angle, I even changed the value in the Regedit once.
    So I tried this, restarted my computer and it worked like a charm. But the next day all that I deleted reinstalled itself somehow.

    So I tried it again today and restarted my laptop. But now every time I typed or pushed a letter my mouse stops working then works again when I press an arrow key.

    But Shutting down didn’t undo it this time, so I manually typed the DWORDs and got the correct values (thanks to your screenshots). My mouse it back to how it was before, sadly not fixed my original issue but at least there’s no permanent problem.

    So just a funny story for you and a side note to anyone that relates to my mouse disable, just push an arrow key after you type and re-input the DWORDs again and restart.

    Thank you for your help though. I might try again soon and try other options.

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