Next bunch of Let’s Play Video’s

I have been a busy bee as far as uploading videos goes. Had some time of work so had a good oppotunity to get some gaming and video recording in.

Also had a really nasty bout of vomiting bug. 

But yes 3 new videos for you to watch and enjoy. A video on f12013, Terraria and Hearthstone.

Enjoy rate and comment 😀 and if you want to be notified of new uploads dont be afraid subscribe.





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International Day Of Happiness

Today is International day of happiness and so a video.

Please spread the happy 😀

Designing a new logo

I am currently in the process of working on a new logo, I have been using the current one for many many years now.




It was made for me by someone on the old old Pcgamer forums and I have never had the original files so it has meant that I am somewhat limited to what I can do with it. And the fact that it is using the old Psygnosis logo which I do really like but is going to be owned by someone somewhere.

So it is time for a change. I am by no means an artist digitally or otherwise so it may take some time but It would certainly be nice to have it done and ready by the end of the year. It should also be a bit more of a reflection to who and what I am now.

So yeah watch this space.

Let’s play F1 2013 and Terraria

Couple of new let’s play videos to of note this week.

The first is my second part from my terraria let’s play and the other is the first part from the driver training section of formula 1 2013 which has been free to play over the weekend thanks to a steam deal.

If you like them please do comment and rate them.

Lets Play Age of Empires II: HD Edition Part 4 The Offensive

In this video I finally start taking the fight to the enemy who have been harassing me now for sometime. Its the first proper push into enemy territory but will it be the last?






[For those that were quick you may have seen this post yesterday. I was trying to be clever and schedule the post but the american date system caught me out ¬_¬]

Missing A Month

As you may have noticed until today I haven’t posted a video for a few weeks missing February entirely, this is because I had to send my computer back for repairs.

There was an issue with the power supply and power cable surround that meant that it had over heated and was  shorting. Basically something broke that was not worth my time messing about with especially when its still within its guarantee period.

The repair took rather a long time and then the computer ended up going to the wrong place so had to be resent to me.

I have only just got the computer back and running the way I like and have once again started pushing out videos.

I will probably once again aim to get a video out a week and should have enough footage to do that for a little while now.  If you do watch them please rate them and a comment is always appreciated.


Let’s Play Plague Inc: Evolved

This is my latest Let’s play video. Its a game that has just come available on Steam as an early access, You might have played it on the web or on mobile this version at its core seems to be the same game spruced up for a full pc experience there are also options for multiplayer and challenges although these arnt currently implemented.

i am rather interested to see how the multiplayer will work