How to solve a Rover 200 engine flood*

Some Background yesterday we had a really hard frost and I tried and failed to start the car. After a day and morning of stress trying to fix it myself we called out the AA and the AA man diagnosed the problem as a flooded engine. [This was probably caused by a bad battery in the first place and repeated attempts at a restart. We replaced the battery and it would still not start]

I had found some solutions to engine flooding online via the mighty google which basically said to clean the spark plugs and to remove the fuel pump fuse so that the engine management system didn’t continue to try and pump more fuel into the engine and flood it further.

The main problem with this is that its not possible in Rover 200’s to remove this fuse as its contained in a sealed unit with other parts of the engines management system. I also believe this to be the case in some other models of rover [such as the 400?]


So how to stop the fuel getting into the engine?

Well fortunately the AA man had a solution which as it turns out is pretty simple. He tripped the safety feature that cuts the fuel off should there be a crash the “fuel inertia cut-off” he simply tapped it with the base of his screw driver you can actually hear the spring release with a boing kind of sound.

He then removed the spark plugs being careful to make note of which of the HT leads went where and burnt off the excess fuel that was present on the end of them just by exposing them to the flame on the gas hob.

Once that was done he turned on the ignition for a while to clear any of the excess fuel and then reset the cut of switch by pressing it. He then turned it over again and after a few seconds the car burst into life.

After this he told me to take it for a drive to burn any of the remaining fuel that might be present in the engine and exhaust system.


*Important Note:- I am by no means a mechanic as you can probably tell.I am only relaying what the aa guy told me about how he fixed my car. Car’s are dangerous and should not be messed with by people that don’t know what they are doing. If you choose to follow or take advice from all or any part of this post you do so at your own risk and have only have yourself to blame for any injury or damage caused to yourself, property or other people 

Wow How Time Has Flown

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I last posted something on here.

A lot has happened in the time period much more than i could ever have imagined.

Life is great, I moved to Manchester to live with my partner we then both moved to another part of Manchester into our own house. We decorated said house from top to bottom in a total time of about 3 weeks.

I have learnt so much not just about how to hang wallpaper [it’s rather fun but frustrating] but also about life away from parents, stresses with bills and money.

I also managed to pass my driving test second time around and having a car and being able to get around has been such a godsend, I regret not learning sooner although that brings its own financial stress as well as mechanical which is something im going to mention in another post soon.

Learning how to deal with my partners 3 kids has also been an eye opener they are great kids and love every minute that i spend with them even when they drive me crazy but i would change nothing I love them all and am looking very much forward to spending our first Christmas together as a family.

My skills for cooking which I also enjoy are coming along quickly i have always been good at following instructions and methods its always my timing that has let me down this is improving a lot and although mistakes are on occasion still made I have not yet had a complete disaster in the culinary department.

So yes a very busy year its been a big adventure and there have been up’s and down’s and im sure several other cliché it also explains why i haven’t been posting on this blog as much as i had intended. Just haven’t had the time or inclination to do anything with it.

I do now though as life has started to get into some kind of “normal” routine have some ideas of what I want to do so keep an eye out. I’m planning to do at least one more post today which is completely unrelated to most of what is already on this blog but is more of a reminder for myself than anything else but I do hope that people will find it useful.

Anyway enough of the waffle.