Is PlayStation Plus A Good Deal? Part Seven

Playstation + is now a whole year old and as such this would have been my last post on the subject. However due to certain events that were mentioned in the last post which you can read Here. I havent yet had to renew.

At the end of this post i am going to give the total for the whole year of ps+ that i have had but im going to continue these for another month or two

So here goes. The list below has been updated with the new things that i have benefited personally from.

All price are from the UK store and are in Pounds and pence (£)

Playstation Plus -39.99
Wipeout HD +13.99
Destruction Derby +3.99
Field runners +3.99
Age of zombie +3.99
Steel & titanium pack +4.79
Sackboy on the run theme +1.59
Alien Zombie Death +2.49
Blast Off +2.49
Origami Swan Avatar +0.20
Origami Butterfly Avatar +0.20
aero racer +3.99
yetisport +2.49
streetfighter 2 turbo hd remix +11.99
kula world [ps1 classic] +3.99
Sam and max full season +19.99
vectorTD +2.49
Echoes +0.99
Critter crunch +4.79
Bloons +3.49
vempire +1.74
cuboid +7.99
bubble trubble +3.99
Dracula: undead awakening +3.99
Oddworld:Abe’s Exodus +3.99
Shatter +4.79
Pipe Madness [Brand new mini and 2 weeks before release to public] +3.49
Kahoots +2.49
G-Police[ps1 classic] +3.99
LBP Sack boys prehistoric moves +4.79
Samurai Shodown [neogeo] +7.19
A space shooter for 2 bucks +1.74
sonic dynamic theme +1.59
Lead & gold +11.99
sonic the hedgehog +3.99
Astro tripper +3.19
guilty gear +2.39
pix n love rush +1.74
enigmo +2.39
sonic the hedgehog 2 NR
prince of persia classic +7.99
red faction battlegrounds +6.29
duael invaders NR
dyno gems +2.49
creatures 3 [ps1 classic] +2.39
Burnout Paradise +23.99
Magic the gathering
duels of the planeswalkers
streets of rage 2 +3.99
james pond [ps1 classic] +2.39
 Limbo  +2.00 [retail 9.99 – ps+ 7.99]
 Golden Axe  +3.99
 Castle Crashers  +10.99
 Legacy of Kain:Soul Reaver  +7.99
Grand Total +211.09


NR = Not released  [This normally means that the game is new and that PS+ have received it before its public date which means no price yet. Or that its an exclusive item]


So the Total diffrence for the whole of the first year of my playstation Plus subscription is £211.09

Which really isnt bad for a £40 investment. Now granted some of the content i have recived i would not otherwise have downloaded but it has allowed me to play some great games i would otherwise would have looked past overall im happy with what i got for this first year and im looking forward to seeing what the next one brings. Im looking forward to more great content and many more chances for early entry and of course more features.

At the end of the day its for you to decide weather its worth your time getting ps+ for me it was a gamble that has payed off big time and im much happier paying for something like this than i would be for paying for an online serivice which should be free.


Rember leave comments and tell me what you think of ps+


2 thoughts on “Is PlayStation Plus A Good Deal? Part Seven

  1. Way back in May I had you a couple questions in response to your part 5 post.

    Because of your experiences I went ahead and subscribed for PlayStation Plus after my free ‘trial’ ended, and while I haven’t saved as much as you, I must admit I’ve still picked up quite a bit, and have definitely paid for it already.

    As it is now, I’ll definitely be renewing when it’s time next year.

    Thanks again for posting your experience with this service!

    • Im glad that my blog posts were able to help and inform at least one person. kinda makes the whole thing worth it.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and i hope you enjoy Ps+ as much as i have. Cant wait to see what they do with it next.

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