Is PlayStation Plus A Good Deal? Part Five

This is part 5 of my on-going mission to track my Playstation plus transactions and to see whether or not Playstation plus is a good deal.

This covers February, March and todays [April] Update

All price are from the UK store and are in Pounds and pence (£)

Playstation Plus -39.99
Wipeout HD +13.99
Destruction Derby +3.99
Field runners +3.99
Age of zombie +3.99
Steel & titanium pack +4.79
Sackboy on the run theme +1.59
Alien Zombie Death +2.49
Blast Off +2.49
Origami Swan Avatar +0.20
Origami Butterfly Avatar +0.20
aero racer +3.99
yetisport +2.49
streetfighter 2 turbo hd remix +11.99
kula world [ps1 classic] +3.99
Sam and max full season +19.99
vectorTD +2.49
Echoes +0.99
Critter crunch +4.79
Bloons +3.49
vempire +1.74
cuboid +7.99
bubble trubble +3.99
Dracula: undead awakening +3.99
Oddworld:Abe’s Exodus +3.99
Shatter +4.79
Pipe Madness [Brand new mini and 2 weeks before release to public] +3.49
Kahoots +2.49
G-Police[ps1 classic] +3.99
LBP Sack boys prehistoric moves +4.79
Samurai Shodown [neogeo] +7.19
A space shooter for 2 bucks +1.74
sonic dynamic theme +1.59
Lead & gold +11.99
sonic the hedgehog +3.99
Astro tripper +3.19
guilty gear +2.39
pix n love rush +1.74
enigmo +2.39
sonic the hedgehog 2 NR
prince of persia classic +7.99
red faction battlegrounds +6.29
duael invaders NR
dyno gems +2.49
creatures 3 [ps1 classic] +2.39
Grand Total +148.56

Also received full game trials of Rainbow six vegas 2, Assassin’s creed and prince of Persia I also had access to the socom beta a few weeks early.

At this rate im easily going to break the £200.00 pound mark. And even with this I hear people saying its not worth it. stay tuned hopefully next months update will be done on time like this one actually was for april.


NR = Not released  [This normally means that the game is new and that ps+ have received it before its public date which means no price yet. Or that its an exclusive item]

4 thoughts on “Is PlayStation Plus A Good Deal? Part Five

  1. Heh. Reminds me of me tracking my Netflix rentals … 😀

    Links to the other parts would be handy (even if it’s just a link to the previous part, instead of links to each).

    And are these just the games you got for free, or the savings? If the latter, would you have normally picked up the games, or is PlayStation Plus actually causing you to spend more than you normally would (although at the same time allowing you to get more for your money)?

    Since we’ll supposedly get 30 days of PS+, I’m just looking for more information before the fact.

    (Like, does access to the free games really go away after the month/subscription is up?)

    • Thanks for the feedback funny you should mention the links as this is the only post that i didnt include them. I will make sure i do next post 🙂

      The list are games i got for free or at a reduced AND savings. PS+ isnt making me spend more money than i would it is giving me the oppotunity to try and play games that i would not otherwise have tried.

      I bought ferrari challenge after having been given a full game trial you wont find it on the list because i didnt save any money and it wasnt free.

      When the subscription runs out any free games you have downloaded you lose access to anything you have spent money on you obvously keep.

      Hope that helps if you have any other comments or question ask away 😀

      • Thanks for the follow-up!

        So it’s just the free games that we lose. That’s not too shabby. Hopefully, since we’ll supposedly be getting free games as part of the PSN outage, as well as PS+ accounts, the former won’t be included as part of the latter.

        Based on your numbers, though, I think I may just spend the bit of money to keep the PS+ subscription going … unless I have major problems with it, of course.

        Thanks again!

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