Being rubbish again And what ive been up too

Yes I know im being rubbish updating my blog again.
I Do have an excuse thought it has to do with the crazy hours I have been doing at work for christmas which just means I have been getting home and really not feeling up to posting.
I also when not working have been doing other things which im unable to talk about here.

I have set up a twitter account recently and been twittering about on that. I guess it was always inevitable that I would end up on there eventually.

Also been playing a lot of minecraft when ive not been too busy doing other things even set up my own server using multiplay service which also included web space so i have also set up a website  [with some help] over there which is just   a few days old and I’ll probably link to it when its set up and running how i like.


And I think ive run out of things to say so I bid you a due. and hope to be positing an update on Playstation plus sooner rather than later.