Is PlayStation Plus A Good Deal? Part Three

This is part three of my ongoing mission to track my Playstation plus transactions and to see whether or not Playstation plus is a good deal.

You can read the previous entries


I do seem unable to keep to any sort of schedule for posting things on this blog for which i do apologise.

This part actually covers two months September and October hopefully Novembers will be done on time and within a week of the main playstation plus update.

anyway with out any further to do  this is how I’m shaping up so far

So this is how it stacks so far at the current time [19/10/10]

All price are from the UK store and are in Pounds and pence (£)

Playstation plus -39.99
Wipeout HD +13.99
Destruction Derby +3.99
Field runners +3.99
Age of zombie +3.99
Steel & titanium pack +4.79
Sackboy on the run theme +1.59
Alien Zombie Death +2.49
Blast Off +2.49
Origami Swan Avatar +0.20
Origami Butterfly Avatar +0.20
aero racer +3.99
yetisport +2.49
streetfighter 2 turbo hd remix +11.99
kula world [ps1 classic] +3.99
Sam and max full season +19.99
vectorTD +2.49
Echoes +0.99
Grand Total +43.66

So as you can see I’m now well into profit actually the amount I’m now up is rather surprising even to me.

Now lets see how much more I can make.