Playstation Plus Update and Playstation Slim

I have an update to my post in the works I had planned to have it done much quicker but sadly my playstation died  just after the last content push and i havent had the time to collate the data.

Now after buying a new slim im back in the saddle and ready to write-up what I have got out of it to date hopefully sometime before august ends.

Thought id share my thoughts on the Playstation slim first.

I bought the 250gb PS slim i have to say that I love the hard drive space my fat was one of the 60gig models and had gotten to the point where it just wasnt enough space anymore for all the content and games that’s available and i was finding i kept hitting the limit more and more often this is prehaps the only thing i do like about the new slim model.

The 60gig just looks and feels better. The system itself is still great no problems there and it is quieter  but the finish just isn’t the same. There are real buttons where as before they were touch which was really nice. The disc feed also seems more violent and is certainly noisier the matt finish just feels cheaper and of course you have half the usb ports down from 4 to 2 and no card reader. To be honest didn’t really use the card slot so im not so bothered by that but it was nice to have the option.

I’m still more than happy that i chose PlayStation over Xbox I cant wait for whats instore over the next couple of months Gamers have a real treat what ever platform your on its gonna be a good christmas.

3 thoughts on “Playstation Plus Update and Playstation Slim

  1. Well if it’s just the hard drive size that was your concern with the 60GB you should have just swapped a new drive. My 60GB now sports a 320GB and I still have 180GB to burn. It feels good to have breathing space. I also have a slim and totally concur about your points. I prefer the shiny black tower with chrome trim. Also prefer the “touch” buttons rather than the physical buttons on the slim. Oh and the disc feed sounds? Sounds like the system is going through a trash compactor. Totally freaked me out first time I used it. Thought it was broken.

    The bonus to my 60GB is the backwards compatibility, memory card slots and 2 extra usb ports. Granted I don’t use the backwards compatibility and memory card slots as much as I could but like you said, it’s nice to have the option.

    • I was planning on changing the hard drive as its not difficult to do just never got round to it.
      Sadly my Fat yellow lighted and so currently is sitting dead in my room so that put paid to that anyway. Im gonna see if i can fix it or get it fixed for less than the £130 ish sony quoted for a refurbed machine.

      Thanks for your comment.

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