Is PlayStation Plus A Good Deal? Part Two

This is part two of my ongoing mission to track my Playstation plus transactions and to see whether or not Playstation plus is a good deal.

I have bought the year subscription for £39.99 English pounds and just like This Article from the guys at im tracking my savings.

I’m following the same rules that have been set out by IGN which are as follows

For the next year, IGN PlayStation Executive Editor Greg Miller and IGN Guides Guru Colin Moriarty will track their PlayStation Plus PlayStation Network purchases every Wednesday. If they buy a full price game, it won’t be logged here. On the chalkboard below, we’ll track what the “free” content would have cost them as well as the discounts they’re receiving. Now, these figures will only include new stuff that the boys have downloaded. If they already own a piece of content, it won’t be included just because it has been discounted or marked as free. This is strictly what they’ve downloaded under the PlayStation Plus umbrella to date.

I will trace how much i actually save assuming that i actually save anything. I will try to do this as quickly as i can after the uk store has been updated and intend to do it quicker than i did this time around this has been delayed due to a dead ps3 you can read about my thoughts on my new slim Here.

So this is how it stacks so far at the current time [31/07/10]

All price are from the UK store and in Pounds and pence (£)

Playstation plus -39.99
Wipeout HD +13.99
Destruction Derby +3.99
Field runners +3.99
Age of zombie +3.99
Steel & titanium pack +4.79
Sackboy on the run theme +1.59
Alien Zombie Death +2.49
Blast Off +2.49
Origami Swan Avatar +0.20
Origami Butterfly Avatar +0.20
Grand Total -2.27

It was a bit of a quiet update for me i already owned a lot of the stuff that was available still got a couple of good games to play for 5 mins also had an hour full game trial of mushroom wars. That games a lot of fun might well purchase it at some point in the future. Also a couple of demos were made available early to us plus subscribers so although store content for me was poor there has been one or two nice surprises.

I expect that the new Playstation plus content will be on tomorrows [Wednesday  1st September] And with me having the weekend off of work the next update should be up by the end of the week.

Playstation Plus Update and Playstation Slim

I have an update to my post in the works I had planned to have it done much quicker but sadly my playstation died  just after the last content push and i havent had the time to collate the data.

Now after buying a new slim im back in the saddle and ready to write-up what I have got out of it to date hopefully sometime before august ends.

Thought id share my thoughts on the Playstation slim first.

I bought the 250gb PS slim i have to say that I love the hard drive space my fat was one of the 60gig models and had gotten to the point where it just wasnt enough space anymore for all the content and games that’s available and i was finding i kept hitting the limit more and more often this is prehaps the only thing i do like about the new slim model.

The 60gig just looks and feels better. The system itself is still great no problems there and it is quieter  but the finish just isn’t the same. There are real buttons where as before they were touch which was really nice. The disc feed also seems more violent and is certainly noisier the matt finish just feels cheaper and of course you have half the usb ports down from 4 to 2 and no card reader. To be honest didn’t really use the card slot so im not so bothered by that but it was nice to have the option.

I’m still more than happy that i chose PlayStation over Xbox I cant wait for whats instore over the next couple of months Gamers have a real treat what ever platform your on its gonna be a good christmas.