Windows 7 RC

Yes I Know its Been a while since I last updated this blog  there are several reasons to this none of which I will really go into just to say I have been busy and lazy.


Anyway Microsoft realsead there Release client of there latest operating system windows 7 to the general public on tuesday. I have downloaded and installed it on both my laptop and new main pc which now i come to think about i haven written about yet.  I wont go to far into my thought about windows 7 yet as i have only been using it for a short time. How ever my first thought are mostly good my laptop seems to run faster.

I will probably give it a couple of weeks before i do any sort of review or anything unless something crops up.

That brings me back to this blog I have since i started had an unoffical goal of updating this blog with something at least once a month I will once again attempt to keep this sort of pace up. So expect to see a lot more random stuff.
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