Peacekeeper. Safari leads the way.

Peacekeeper came out of beta recently and is now live.

What is Peacekeeper?


Peacekeeper is futuremarks next foray into the world of benchmarking software Peacekeeper basically is a bunch of tests that are run in a web browser of your choice that tests performance of said browser and give a tangible score for comparison. And the good news is it works on pretty much any platform although the system scanner which is optional will only work on windows.

Currently Apple with there safari 4 beta are leading in the speed stakes with googles chrome 2.0 beta and mozillas firefox 3.5 beta close behind and as I’m sure most people would expect Microsoft’s Internet explorer 7 and 8 taking up last place 8 being the slightest bit faster of the two.

Although at the time of typing google’s chrome has the highest one off score with a score of 5910

I have tried the test myself which everyone can if they go HERE And scored a 2033 in chrome and a slower 724 in firefox 3.010


You are given a fairly good feedback as to what the browser performed well in and what it didn’t, also the faq has a lot of information and explains that the reason for the seemingly strange name of peacekeeper is all down to the so called browser wars. Its well worth a quick read over Here


Do the test and post the results in the comments I would be intresteed to see them.

Windows 7 RC

Yes I Know its Been a while since I last updated this blog  there are several reasons to this none of which I will really go into just to say I have been busy and lazy.


Anyway Microsoft realsead there Release client of there latest operating system windows 7 to the general public on tuesday. I have downloaded and installed it on both my laptop and new main pc which now i come to think about i haven written about yet.  I wont go to far into my thought about windows 7 yet as i have only been using it for a short time. How ever my first thought are mostly good my laptop seems to run faster.

I will probably give it a couple of weeks before i do any sort of review or anything unless something crops up.

That brings me back to this blog I have since i started had an unoffical goal of updating this blog with something at least once a month I will once again attempt to keep this sort of pace up. So expect to see a lot more random stuff.
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