Christmas Wrapped Up

I have finally finished all my Christmas shopping and wrapped them all up which is i must say a relief.

Can’t wait to see what people think of the things that i have bought them I’m sure that this means that i must be getting old.

This year just like last year i have done the vast majority of my Christmas shopping online its is just so much easier to do it online especially when i have been so busy with work and frankly after working in a store all week the last thing i want to do is fight the crowds on my day off.

The upside also is that it costs me less as well which in my opinion can only be a good thing especially in the current economic state.

I’m hoping that things will calm down after Christmas and i will get back to some sort of routine and hopefully do things to this blog that i have been meaning to do for some time. nothing particularly drastic but i want to use that page that is under construction for  something useful. I also hope to post more to this blog.

I have an idea for one more blog post but that should be up sometime after Christmas a year round up sounds good to me.

So to end this seemingly endless ramble i would like to wish every one that reads has read or is going to read my little blog a very happy and merry Christmas.

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