Mac Iplayer

Ok this isnt the post that i had in mind and i certainly didnt expect to be posting again so soon but i thought this news was rather important.

I like many people love to use the bbc iplayer it is simply a great thing to have installed on your pc. When it first came out it was windows pc only its certainly moved on since then expanding on to the wii and recently officaly the playstation 3.

The bbc announced to day in a news item on there news webpage [link] that the iplayer is now available on both mac and linux operting systems.

The new version of the iPlayer has been written with Adobe’s AIR technology which aims to make it possible to create applications that can be downloaded to your computer, rather than just embedded in browser web pages as is possible with the widely used Flash software.

Those who want to try the new version can get a trial version from the Labs section of the iPlayer site.

A beta version of the BBC iPlayer Desktop that uses the Adobe AIR technology was made available on 18 December with a finished version likely to be released in February 2009.

I certainly will be checking out the linux version and i hope that it will be just as good as the pc one.

check out the bbc iplayer Here

If you do try out the new versions of the iplayer tell me how it goes in the comments below.

Christmas Wrapped Up

I have finally finished all my Christmas shopping and wrapped them all up which is i must say a relief.

Can’t wait to see what people think of the things that i have bought them I’m sure that this means that i must be getting old.

This year just like last year i have done the vast majority of my Christmas shopping online its is just so much easier to do it online especially when i have been so busy with work and frankly after working in a store all week the last thing i want to do is fight the crowds on my day off.

The upside also is that it costs me less as well which in my opinion can only be a good thing especially in the current economic state.

I’m hoping that things will calm down after Christmas and i will get back to some sort of routine and hopefully do things to this blog that i have been meaning to do for some time. nothing particularly drastic but i want to use that page that is under construction forĀ  something useful. I also hope to post more to this blog.

I have an idea for one more blog post but that should be up sometime after Christmas a year round up sounds good to me.

So to end this seemingly endless ramble i would like to wish every one that reads has read or is going to read my little blog a very happy and merry Christmas.