The Creature Feature

Ea today officaly released the creature creator tool for maxis coming game spore and i like many have downloaded it and been having a play around. Already a search around youtube and im sure many of the other video and video game sites will bring you up many many weird and wonderful creature that would never have a chance in the real world.

The tool it self is so easy to use it hurts everything is pretty much self explanatory and things can be molded like virtual playdought you start of with I a ball of well I guess flesh with a backbone which you can twist and turn and pull it into pretty much any shape you could want you add things like eyes legs feet weapons mouth and you have yourself a basic creature.

My first creature created with the creature creator
is shown in this video

It probably took 10 mins at most. Now Im using the trial version which as you would imagine has fewer parts and colour’s etc the full version is available but I don’t like the ea downloader thing but even with fewer part there is a ton of options available and i can see me tinkering around for some time with it.

Its really easy to create videos and send them to youtube as its all built into the program you are also able to create animated avatars and still pictures

Animated Avatar created in Spore Creature Creater

For the second creature i made i decided to make something as tall as i could and ended up with treeasorus which looks like a sort of dinasour stick insect.

A few other creatures from around the web. [well, okay youtube ¬_¬]

If you want to have a play you can download the program from EA Here

Link to your creation in the comments I would love to see what you come up with.

Same goes for any that you happen to come across too.