Ironman Good?

Well as a matter of fact yes it is.

Now I’m not going have any spoilers or anything of the sort I hate when people do that and i do try to be as unhypocritcal [Why isn’t that a word? Any idea of a word that means the same that would be better to use? Comment below] as i possibly can be.

I have to say that when I went to the cinema yesterday I really wasn’t really expecting much more than a normally poor action hero movie.  I have never been a fan of comics so knew nothing of the story or anything about the character’s and to be honest films that have been made from comics or anything really other than specifically for film tend to generally be rather poor. Of course like every rule there are exceptions that prove the rule but I’m not going to list those here.

Anyway back to Ironman; In terms of story its pretty much what you would expect form an action hero film and if it had been anything other than that it probably wouldn’t work. I don’t see this film being a favourite of too many film critics as they always seem to be want to be stretched on some sort of mental level [There’s a better way to put that but my brain is failing me at the moment] where as most normal paying members of the public go to be entertained, which this film does really well. Its got a fair bit of action which is spread pretty evenly throughout the film so you never really too far from the next explosion, the the CGI and all the graphical work looks really good and in no way looks out of place the whole film actually looks really nice. The writing and the acting is in my opinion pretty spot on I think that the film was well cast and each of the actors and actresses really fit there set roles well the script is laugh out loud funny at times and keeps a good sense of humour throughout and it never seems to be forced the comedy moments seem really natural and never glare. The film also used the cinemas sound system really well leading to me on more than one occasion to look behind me as some bullet or piece of shrapnel whizzes past or clangs into something behind you.

So after going into the cinema not expecting much from the film I came out having rather enjoyed it. Having said this the only negative thing is that it did seem on occasion to drag although that may just have been me as after mentioning this feeling to my friend who I watched the film with I was told that it hadn’t. I was rather desperate for the loo by the end thought its on the long side for a film and having a cappachino beforehand may not have been the best idea ever.

So would i go to see it again?

Do you know what yes I think I would.

Would i suggest that others go to see it?

I would yes It is a good film. I have no idea what fans of the comics will make of it [To say I have no idea is a little untrue as for the most part they are bound to hate it if past comic to film adaptions are anything to go by] but for those that are not fans of the comics and like to be entertained by a film I see no reason why they wouldn’t enjoy watching it.

2 thoughts on “Ironman Good?

  1. Have you seen batman begins? I’m looking forward to ironman but it can’t be as good surely?
    It’s got to be out on blu ray by now, bring round the ps3.

  2. Have i seen batman? I don’t remeber there have been so many they tend to merge together in my mind.

    The bluray doesn’t come out till july

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