Innocent photographer or terrorist?

The BBC has a very intresting article on its website discussion about this very thing its a very intresting read and I suggest that you all go Here to read it.

Misplaced fears about terror, privacy and child protection are preventing amateur photographers from enjoying their hobby, say campaigners.

Phil Smith thought ex-EastEnder Letitia Dean turning on the Christmas lights in Ipswich would make a good snap for his collection.

The 49-year-old started by firing off a few shots of the warm-up act on stage. But before the main attraction showed up, Mr Smith was challenged by a police officer who asked if he had a licence for the camera.

After explaining he didn’t need one, he was taken down a side-street for a formal “stop and search”, then asked to delete the photos and ordered not take any more. So he slunk home with his camera………

I dabble in a little bit of photography myself which any of you that have gone to my flickr account will know. As of yet I have never had any trouble but It doesn’t surprise me at all that some people are. It depresses me that this sort of thing happens as its exactly what the terrorists want they want us to live in fear.

Its good that this sort of thing is brought to people attention its also nice to know what your rights actually are.

Enjoy the article and tell me what you think!


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