Shake Rattle and Roll

Well i certainly just did and according to bbc radio 5 so did most of the uk.

At around 12.58 am an earthquake is something i have never experienced before. I wasn’t scared It was too quick for me to move on from what the hell is going on to arrrg we are all going to die.

It seems that the tremor lasted anywhere from a couple of seconds which is what I experienced to around 15 seconds and i have just herd that it hit 4.7 on the Richter scale 30 miles beneath south Kingston apon hull.

Also after shocks could be felt.

More later aka in the morning ¬_¬


The bbc has got an article up about it now Click Here

Slow coaches ¬_¬


Well it appears that it actually hit 5.3 initil reports of this sort of thing are normally not 100% correct so im not surprised.

It is apparently the the strongest since the 5.4 quake in 1984 that hit north wales.


One thought on “Shake Rattle and Roll

  1. I remember feeling the one in ’84 youngling, and thought I might have gone mental last night so was quite relieved to see it on the newsfeed this morning, it freaked the cat right out.

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