Shake Rattle and Roll

Well i certainly just did and according to bbc radio 5 so did most of the uk.

At around 12.58 am an earthquake is something i have never experienced before. I wasn’t scared It was too quick for me to move on from what the hell is going on to arrrg we are all going to die.

It seems that the tremor lasted anywhere from a couple of seconds which is what I experienced to around 15 seconds and i have just herd that it hit 4.7 on the Richter scale 30 miles beneath south Kingston apon hull.

Also after shocks could be felt.

More later aka in the morning ¬_¬


The bbc has got an article up about it now Click Here

Slow coaches ¬_¬


Well it appears that it actually hit 5.3 initil reports of this sort of thing are normally not 100% correct so im not surprised.

It is apparently the the strongest since the 5.4 quake in 1984 that hit north wales.

Vista Thanks But No Thanks!

I saw This story from the BBC pop into my RSS aggregator today and it reminds me why I am still running all my machines on XP.


I would have thought that Microsoft would have learnt by now that this sort of thing does themselves no favours at all. It not only makes them look bad in the public eye it cant help there image with the developers that make the software that’s affected.

I am very security conscious when it comes to my computers and do tend to update my software regularly but if I was running vista I would in light of this give service pack 1 a miss for some time. Lets face it, its going to be filled with more bugs than it fixes even if you discount this news. I just don’t think that the hassle it has the potential to cause is worth it for new features and a more secure environment. How It could be said to increase security when it makes a whole load of third party security suites stop working I don’t know.

This is the list of some of the named software that’s affected sadly the list isn’t all inclusive.

BitDefender AV
Fujitsu Shock Sensor
Jiangmin KV Antivirus 10
Jiangmin KV Antivirus 2008
Trend Micro Internet Security
Zone Alarm Security Suite
Iron Speed Designer
Xheo Licensing
Free Allegiance
NYT Reader
Rising Personal Firewall
Novell ZCM Agent

So nothing that’s used by very many people then. [ A big welcome to my friend sarcasm please]

For some reason the part of the story that annoys me the most perhaps because I am not a vista user is this

“Microsoft warned that its list was not “comprehensive” and asked people to get in touch with the maker of any affected software to fix problems”

I think its a damn cheek that after breaking things that they seem to expect everyone else to do the hard work.

Think I will be sticking with xp for a little while yet.


Fixed some very silly mistakes and gave the post a title and some tags as I stupidly forgot. I blame staying up till 3am and I’m sticking to it.

The Death of HDDVD

Well it looks like the war of the formats has finally finished as of today. The bbc is reporting that toshiba one of major backers is dropping out. [BBC Article]

Toshiba have stated that they will stop production of HDDVD players and recorders so that they can concentrate there efforts in other areas. However they will still supply retailers with players and recorders till the end of march this year and will continue to give technical support to the millions of people that have gone with HDDVD. The death of HDDVD has been on the cards for sometime now with many of the larger movie studios supporting blueray and an ever decreasing presence at retail with major chains like Walmart either removing there HDDVD stock completely or Focusing more on the Bluray format.

Sony’s decision too include a bluray player in there gaming console the playstation 3 also gave blueray a huge advantage what ever the HDDVD camp also supported by Microsoft would like people to have believed.

I for one am glad that this war is over and not just because I am a playstation owner (although it helps :P) It makes things a lot easier for consumers and retailers, Don’t get me wrong in some respects the format war was a good thing. Competition is good as it means cheaper prices and more choice for the consumer and you can be certain that if there was only one of the formats Prices would not have reached the level they are now for a long time.

What i hope now is that the remainder of the film studios still supporting HDDVD will make a swift move to blueray And that prices for bluray players and films will continue to fall and not stagnate.

Oh and some buying advice for those that after seeing this news and wanting to buy a Bluray player. I really would suggest that you buy the playstation 3. Even if your not interested in the games or anything else It is by far one of the best bluray players on the market and is certainly the cheapest on the market.

Thanks Jim

Now normally i would just ignore this sort of thing as im not that superstitious. However I could really really do with the luck and do without the bad luck and as i really don’t have anything to loose about posting this i may as well give it ago.

Chinese Proverb

The above is a power point save file which basically says if you pass this on you will have a lot of luck if you don’t you will have bad luck. Take a look and pass it on.

Rubbish i know but just in case 😛

Audio Surfing Part Deux

Well i have some good news.


My favourite independant game of the last while Audiosurf is to be released on steam friday at the very cheap price off $9.95

Its available to preorder now with the usual 10% off which makes it only $8.95 till feb 15th. Which with tax makes the game cost around £10 £5 which is an absolute steal in its self.

However for that £10 £5 not only do you get the great game also included is the orange box sound track including the song Still Alive.

And there i was thinking that the orange box deal was going to be hard to beat.

Audiosurf is also going to be the first game to use the recently announced Steamworks package so it will be intresting to see what that really is all about

Click here to Buy the game form the steam store.


Oh and the vid once more




The demo should be available on Friday. I Intend to update this post with a link when it is made available. If I am not to busy playing that is.

Oh and Pcgamer uk has held an interview with Dylan Fitterer the devloper behind the game which you can read here


Update: I got a little confused with the currency conversion In reality the game is even more of a bargain than i had said as it costs us here in the uk around £5 doh!



 Its out!! The demo can be found in the usual place for steam games


Click Here

Alien’s Attack

At last conclusive proof that aliens exist and that there intentions arnt at all friendly.

satalite dish

As you can see conclusive proof that the Camden market fire was caused by alien flying saucer’s

Thanks to the bbc for the pic.

Actually that pic is probably better explained if you take a look at this picture also sent into the bbc by members of the public.

For more news on the fire i would suggest that you keep your eyes Here.

I wish everyone that has been affected well and hope that they will be up and running again as soon as humanly possible.