Audio Surfing

Over recent weekends i have been helping beta test a brilliant new Indie game.

The game goes by the name of Audiosurf and is due to be released sometime in February.

The game is brilliant and yet again so simple it uses your own songs to create a track that you run down collecting coloured blocks as you go or as they put it.

“In Audiosurf, you race down a futuristic and colorful highway. The highway, the traffic patterns, and the scenery are all synchronized to the music you have chosen from your own collection. You earn points for clustering together cars of the same color on the highway, and can compete with others on the internet for the high score on your favorite songs. Audiosurf builds a highway for any music CD, MP3, iTunes M4A, WMA, or OGG song you choose, so the experience that you have is totally up to you.”

Text and screenshots really cant do the game justice so here is some video.

There should be one more session of beta testing before offical release you can sign up to join on there website.

This game could easily become the new Peggle its certainly one that i will be keeping my eye on.


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