Peggle and the Orange Box

I’m sure that most of you know the what the  Orange box is by now. If you don’t where have you been?

Today it has been made available to preorder on steam which comes to around £30 including tax which when you consider you get 3 brand new games and 2 off the previous games included in the deal it has to be one of the greatest gaming packages of all time.

If you prepurchase not only do you get the normal 10% off steam gives you when you prepurchase you also get access to the team fortress beta and not only that you get a special version of peggle called peggle extreme.

Peggle which can be found Here or downloaded from steam is a Popcap game which looks fairly simple but is one of those games that hooks you for some unknown reason give it a try.

Peggle extreme contains the same gameplay and addictive fun of peggle deluxe but manages successfully to squeeze in a halflife theme which frankly is brilliant the video below shows one level which happens to be based around a headcrab.

As you will see and to some extent hear its not the only change the work that has gone into this is pretty impressive especially as its given to you for free some real thought has gone into it and I’m sure that if they added a few more levels that they could easily sell it in its own right.

Oh and look at the sun am i the only one that finds it a little sinister?

Peggle Extreme