ThreadSpace Hyperbole

ThreadSpace Hyperbole is Iocaine Studios brilliant first game.

It is wholly a multiplayer game set in the far future with up to a maximum of 16 players you battle with other players on roads in space which are called hyperchannels [these are the maps you play on].

You pilot a ship which using money you earn in game for killing players doing objectives etc you can customise to your hearts content. As you progress and level up more upgrades are unlocked and become available. The cost and availability of items depends entirly on how your faction is doing in the overall war against the other two factions each faction has several territories in space which they own you as a player can vote for which territories to attack winning on a server helps your faction to win a territory.

There are three main gameplay modes;

Deathmatch – Kill anything that moves

Team elimination – Two teams fight to wipe out each other first

Objective – This is the only mode that effects the overall outcome of the war this mode consits of two team attack/defence and Team elimination

The first thing that you will want to do when playing is build your production station this provides you with the ammo and defensive structures that you can use. Your ship does have some production capability on its own but only basic weapons and its slow. The production station however allows you to build up to 6 modules of any type which enables you to use other weapons and defenses. Once that has been built you can go off and fight.

Feature list

  • Countless strategies: Over 30 unique projectiles are at your disposal to attack the enemy, fortify your defenses, and assist your allies.
  • Tactical team play: Coordinate with a team of players to defeat your opponents where every player can have unique strengths and weaknesses. Up to 16 players online.
  • Customizable ships: Acquire ships to control and customize their design by selecting different parts and colors. Customize the way your ship behaves by installing new components that alter its attributes.
  • Persistent universe: Play as a character you create that can gain levels and credits. Purchase new ships and components with the credits you earn to truly distinguish your character in the universe.
  • Online ladder system: Compete against other players online and see who the best pilots are. Earn rewards for being on top.
  • Awards: Demonstrate your skill by earning in-game awards like “Bounty Hunter” and “Combat Mastery”.
  • Voice communication: Talk to your team to plan your attacks and coordinate your abilities.
  • Create custom maps: Make your own maps with the Map Editor to play them online and with your friends.
  • I have had a lot of fun with the game so far the devs are also very keen to make the game a success and are really taking note of what the community has been saying regarding and issues which frankly are small.
    Official Trailer

    The game is available on steam now for $19.95 which is a steal. Try the demo HERE an offline demo which doesn’t require steam can be found HERE
    Buy it HERE Oh and if you do buy it they have a referer scheme and i would appreciate it if you would go HERE and enter 2573

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