I recently discovered this online web game and so far its very intresting.

The idea is pretty simple you are a driver and you need to do routes hauling cargo from one place to another to make money which allows you to purchase new items to make your truck better or even get a new truck.

Its just its not as easy as all that each journey you take you control you can decide where you want to go and what to a degree you will carry. Longer journeys make more money but take longer. You also have the police to deal with who will issue tickets to you if you drive to long, speed, or break the legal weight limit. Then you have fatigue which limits how far you can go in one session the more fatigued you are the more chance of things going wrong such as crashing.

I have just completed my first route in the game and i have to say i am enjoying it so far.

This is what the game has to say for its self.

Did you ever want to be a trucker? Did you ever wonder how life would be on the open road? Now you can find out if you have what it takes to be an OTR trucker without having to get a special license or endorsements.

Trukz is a text based trucking simulation game where you create your driver, buy yourself a truck, then earn money by hauling loads to and from various cities around the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. Each city has its own distinct supplies and demands that update throughout the game.

With the cash that you earn for successful deliveries you can buy upgrades to improve your truck, purchase various items for your driver, and eventually even buy a brand new truck.

Game play is simple but addicting. Real-life driver issues, including fatigue, diesel fuel prices, weather, speeding tickets, and driving overloaded come into play so there is always something that demands your attention. Trukz incorporates realistic climates and weather patterns that make driving in severe weather a challenge. Trukz also offers unique driving opportunities by allowing players to haul cargo to unique locations such as nuclear and hazardous waste to Yucca Mountain Nevada.Don’t want to be an independent operator? No problem! Cooperate with other drivers by creating or joining companies to receive customizable assistance with repair fees, fuel costs, and even ticket fees. Complete your route on time and cities will begin paying you more money for each cargo that you deliver as your driver rating increases for each successful route completed on time. Arrive late and not only will you pay a penalty but your driver rating will decrease as well.Your route dashboard, as pictured below, allows you to review all of your route details and even keep a visual eye on your fuel levels and travel speeds. Cities pay you money based on your driver skill rating, cargo type, and mileage so the more you work the more money you make. As you gain more money in the game purchase newer and faster trucks to stay ahead of the competition.

Its great fun check it out

Visit Trukz, a trucking simulation game.

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