Ps3 Price cut?

Well it could be on the cards according to an article on Gamespot

Frankly its about time.

Its not that i think the ps3 is overpriced its simply is just not possible for me and many others to afford one at the current price and I’m someone that really wants one.  I’m sure you are aware sony already is making a loss on each unit sold just like Microsoft with there xbox 360 but surly even this being the case it would benefit them in the long run if  they took more of the pain by cutting the price.

The only way for both Sony and Microsoft to claw the money back and make a profit is for them to make it on the games and other pieces of hardware that they sell. This means that the more consoles that are out there in people homes the more games and hardware they will sell and thus money make.

While  many people who want a ps3 simply cant afford it sony are making no money from them. Cutting the price buy even £50 could make a big difference to the amount of consoles they sell.

I hope that they do see sense and cut the price by a sensible amount until they do I will save my money.


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