Ad-aware 2007

Tomorrow is the the launch date of Ad-aware 2007 the newest version in Lavasofts popular antispyware software continuing on from Ad-aware SE and boy does it look nice.

Over the last few months lavasoft have been holding a beta test for the software which i and around 300’000 people were apart off . Not only does it look nice it functions well being very easy to use but still catching the junk you pick up. Ad-aware should still continue you to be one of the more popular choices for a while yet.

The offical news Says that it will be released in three version

Ad-aware 2007 pro which is the top version and includes

Ad-aware 2007 plus which includes the above apart from

Process Watch module
Advanced command line support

And finally the free version Ad-aware 2007 free which is the most basic and removes these of the pro version.
Process Watch module
Advanced command line support
Enhanced Detection Database
Automatic scans and Web Updates
Customized scans
Ad-Watch real-time monitor
Hosts File Editor

5 thoughts on “Ad-aware 2007

  1. So, I’m blind and use a screen reader. The new GUI is not very accommodating to such access products. Oh well, not the first time. My question is this: does the free version come with any command line support, or am I going to have to shell out cash to get anything from the command line. I don’t need anything crazy–if I can update and run a full scan from the command line, I’m happy. More is better, obviously, but if the free version can do that I’d be content.

  2. I don’t believe that it does I’m afraid.
    I would suggest that you email lavasoft thought regarding the gui as im sure that they would appreciate the infomation.

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