£50m diamond skull – For the Love of God!

Now Im not a great art person especially when it come to modern art I generally cant stand. I see it as pointless and cant see how an untidy bed can be called art I also don’t understand why someone would pay millions of pounds for it.

Diamond skull

This Diamond encrusted skull by Damien Hirst reported by The BBC I like.

Although I wouldn’t pay anywhere near £50 million for it I wouldn’t mind owning it. It is interesting to look at and for once the title that it has been given seems to fit right “For the love of god”.

I dont know about you but putting the name and skull together makes me think. And for a change not things like, What the hell is that? Why would someone want to spend 4 million on that junk? A four year old could do better than that. But things like is it the artists interpretation of the illegal trade in Blood diamonds? Does it have some religious meaning? Do those diamonds tickle? Ok perhaps not the last one but you get my point.

What ever the meaning if there even is one I like It and I don’t see anything wrong with it, people and religons have been decorating skulls for centuries. surely anything that makes you really think can’t be a bad thing can it and at least for a change its actually something that you would be able to display.


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