Yxxxx The Begining

Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you could join me.

I am a 21 year old male living in the uk in the town of Milton Keynes

I have set up this blog just to vent my opinion of the world and Things around me. So it will be pretty random at time’s I really wouldn’t expect to much if I were you.

I’m going to start of  with an explanation to the name yxxxx many people that I meet online ask where it comes from what it means and how the hell do you pronounce it.

The truth really isn’t that interesting if I’m honest perhaps I should create a story around it Involving a treck of courage across lava encrusted plains and a dragon fight on the planet zzzzz.

Nah sounds too much like hard work.

In short the name  yxxxx is Colin Mcrae’s fault.

I returned home one day In 1998 with a new playstation game Colin Mcrae rally. I was excited i had herd alot about it and just wanted to play it (in those days I was limited to how long I could play games) The game is one that requires a name for a profile and on this I was stuck. What should I use, for what ever reason I didn’t use my real name I decided that i couldn’t be bothered to think of anything at that time and opted for a few random letters y and x were quickest to enter and the name yxxxx was born.

At the time I was only going to use it temporally and create a new profile when I had more time. Thing is I actually did pretty well and don’t want to have to do it all again so I kept it throughout the games life and continued to use the name for its sequels and many other games.

At the end of 2002 my family got a pc capable of playing pc games At this time i started to get pc games mags I ended up with the wonderful PCGamer.

In january 03  I joined the forums I needed a name and spent ages thinking of one to use then I remembered my Colin Mcrae rally profiles and my internet name became yxxxx and the rest as they say is history.

Now as far as pronunciation I never really thought about it until I started to play online and after some time i came to the conclusion that it was pronounced yixs ( yicks like sticks but with yic)

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