Grand Theft Video

The second video for grand theft auto IV is out and its ok.

The visuals remind me alot about the Driver series of games but better. Im looking foward for the games release the video thought really doesnt show much and in my opinion is short.

The best parts of the video are when the background changes to the music as the Russian character walks towards the camera and the car being shot. Check it out

Have Your Own Election

Today as I’m sure  everyone is aware Tony Blair leaves number 10 to a Mr Gorden Brown One games company is taking a novel approach to this news.

This is the email i received.

Positech Games is a UK company, and here in the UK today our Prime Minister (Tony Blair) is stepping down. Because we feel that this should be cause for a general election, and there isn’t going to be one, we are marking this situation by offering our political strategy game ‘Democracy’ at a 50% discount today. Hopefully, this will remind people how a real Democracy should work 😀

There are details of our political strategy game here:

If you buy the game today, and only today, it’s 50% off 😀

Thanks for supporting indie games,


Who ever thought of this is a genius.

Ps3 Price cut?

Well it could be on the cards according to an article on Gamespot

Frankly its about time.

Its not that i think the ps3 is overpriced its simply is just not possible for me and many others to afford one at the current price and I’m someone that really wants one.  I’m sure you are aware sony already is making a loss on each unit sold just like Microsoft with there xbox 360 but surly even this being the case it would benefit them in the long run if  they took more of the pain by cutting the price.

The only way for both Sony and Microsoft to claw the money back and make a profit is for them to make it on the games and other pieces of hardware that they sell. This means that the more consoles that are out there in people homes the more games and hardware they will sell and thus money make.

While  many people who want a ps3 simply cant afford it sony are making no money from them. Cutting the price buy even £50 could make a big difference to the amount of consoles they sell.

I hope that they do see sense and cut the price by a sensible amount until they do I will save my money.


Tomorrow I have an job interview. I have to say that next to exams and working in a call centre interviews are one of the things I hate.

In real life I am a pretty shy person and having to do an interview is a nightmare im not really sure what’s worse the wait or the actual Interview.

Interviews I realise are important for the employer to gauge how someone is but some of the techniques I find amusing granted not at the actual time of the interview but afterwards when its all over and done with some of the question are strange to say the least and in the state i get into even the simplest of questions befuddle me.

Anyway interviews I hate and tomorrow I have one wish me luck.

I really will need it.


It went ok hopefully I will get a phone call in the week to arrange an trial run. I spent 3 hours at the place thougth not that fun.

Challenge Anneka

Challenge Anneka returned to our TV screens tonight for a new series. I remember the original with fond memories and nothing has changed it is still as good as ever and I’m looking forward to more. Anneka rice and her sound man Dave are back 11 or so years since the last show and it really doesn’t show they still have the same energy they had then.

It amazes me what can be done when people really put the mind to it. If only more of this could happen if people with relatively little power can do these sorts of amazing things why can government’s?

Tonight’s challenge was to record an 12 track music album and perform a concert to raise money for Children’s hospices all of which do a brilliant job providing care to very very ill children and there families. What’s more all are charities which rely on  fund raising to keep going. The hospice featured in it self needs £3’000’000 a year to survive. They had to do all this in 5 days. 

For more on the challenge visit HERE

The album called Over The Rainbow is now available in the shops and online I  urge you to buy it. Not only is the money going to a worthy cause its a good album. BUY IT

Track list

  1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Duncan James & Myleene Klass
  2. You’re The One That I Want – McFly
  3. Fly Me To The Moon – Jimmy Osmond
  4. Way You Look Tonight – Curtis Stigers
  5. Climb Every Mountain – Lesley Garrett
  6. No Matter What – Andrea Ross
  7. Consider Yourself – Richard Fleeshman
  8. Secret Love – Cerys Matthews
  9. Young At Heart – Gavin Creel
  10. I Don’t Know How To Love Him – Bonnie Tyler
  11. Time Of My Life – Jermaine Jackson & Jocelyn Brown
  12. New York New York – Michael Bolton
  13. Talk Through Me – Jo Collins & Chickenshed


Buy from Itunes  

Ad-aware 2007

Tomorrow is the the launch date of Ad-aware 2007 the newest version in Lavasofts popular antispyware software continuing on from Ad-aware SE and boy does it look nice.

Over the last few months lavasoft have been holding a beta test for the software which i and around 300’000 people were apart off . Not only does it look nice it functions well being very easy to use but still catching the junk you pick up. Ad-aware should still continue you to be one of the more popular choices for a while yet.

The offical news Says that it will be released in three version

Ad-aware 2007 pro which is the top version and includes

Ad-aware 2007 plus which includes the above apart from

Process Watch module
Advanced command line support

And finally the free version Ad-aware 2007 free which is the most basic and removes these of the pro version.
Process Watch module
Advanced command line support
Enhanced Detection Database
Automatic scans and Web Updates
Customized scans
Ad-Watch real-time monitor
Hosts File Editor