HRMC and Concentrix

Not that long ago we received a letter from Concentrix a company that we had never heard of before. Concentrix is an outsourced company that are working on behalf of HRMC. The overall aim is to investigate benefit claims and to try to cut how much is payed out in benefits by weeding out those that are either claiming fraudulently or incorrectly.

However the way they go about this isn’t very pleasant as the letters can be rather nasty and they work on a guilty until proven innocent basis which means dealing with them can be described as difficult. The letters ask for numerous bits of sensitive data depending on what they are accusing you off, and to top this off they give you a pretty short amount of time to get the documentation they demand sent to them. When you do this, due to the volume that they are receiving the chances of them even getting them on the system on time is remote let alone looked at. Calling them also often means holding for an hour only to be cut off automatically without ever speaking to a human.

This leads to perfectly innocent people being left without the money they are entitled to and a whole load of stress and aggro.

Fortunately and as we expected our claim was finally sorted and the result fell in our favor.

If you search online for concentrix you’ll find dozens of cases there are even newspaper articles about it



There are plenty of places offering support and advice one such facebook group is called Concentrix Mums which has a lot of friendly and helpful people, Its also worth looking up mumsnet and netmums and of course your local Citizens Advice.

If you get one of these dreaded letters try not to panic and seek advice but most of all dont ignore it. Their is lots of help available and as long as you are claiming what you should things will get sorted.

I hope that this post helps and good luck.


This is my first minecraft video in rath

This is my first minecraft video in rather a long time.

In this new video series I play around with some redstone.

Redstone is something I have never really played with in the past, But have always wanted to try doing.

I found an app on the google play store called iRedstone and so I am trying out some of the contraptions from there.

In these first few videos Im concentraing on farming.

And so in this video I start to build the Automatic Farm so I can harvest wheat and carrots easily.

In this video Ashley plays my youngest p

In this video Ashley plays my youngest plays some minecraft on the playstation 4

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